Conker’s Return? Pro Wrestler Recording Lines for a ‘Super Secret Squirrel Game’

VGU Ian writes "Now we don’t want to get your hopes up, but it seems that our little squirrel friend Conker might be about to make his big comeback. No not that rubbish in Project Spark, that was just the warm up act. Professional Wrestler and actor Ken Anderson posted this image of himself recording lines for a ‘super secret squirrel game’ on Instagram."

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Barnaby-Jones2113d ago

Hopefully true. A new Conker game would be awesome.

TheCommentator2112d ago

I'll jump up and down on a flower if this is a new Conker game!

jbl3162113d ago

Mr Anderson said he recorded at "Warner Brothers Studios Back Lot". Might not be Conker.

Kiwi662112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

To the morons who disagree heres a fact for you ,Ken Anderson is known as Mr Kennedy the wrestler but i guess actual facts are too hard for some to comprehend

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