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Deliala: Assassins Creed: Syndicate was the game that was supposed to make up for all of the mistakes made by the previous game in the series, Assassins Creed: Unity. For the most part, Syndicate did. There are cleaner mechanics, less bugs and less clutter on the map in terms of collectibles and side objectives. However, a lot was taken away from the series including no online multiplayer. I suppose it is preferable to take away some game modes to make the mechanics cleaner and the story more immersive, versus releasing a game with many glitches and a lackluster journey. However, my preferred solution would be for the Ubisoft team(s) to take more time to develop the game so that the potential for all of the game modes can be fine tuned and included. Imagine what Assassin's Creed could be, and how much players will miss the series, if there was at least a 3 year gap between releases?

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The7Reaper1111d ago

Black Flag good Unity bad then Syndicate so I wouldn't say "in a long time"

angelsx1111d ago

I even didn't finish it.So boring.

I3loggs241111d ago

I'm loving Syndicate, I think its on par with Black Flag, and improves in some areas like the variety of different missions. My biggest complaint is the difficulty, it really doesn't take long to lvl up and unlock equipment making your character ridiculously OP very early on i.e. the dart gun which makes your enemies attack each other... You could literally sit on a roof and dart all the enemy guards until they kill the target.
I wish there were more bonuses that encouraged different play styles during missions, i had the most fun doing the Templar hunts that had bonuses for killing them in a certain way.

I think they desperately need to hire a decent writer for future titles though, Syndicate and previous titles truly lack emotional impact.

Gridknac1111d ago

Is it me or does this game feel alot like the Batman series? The grappling hook is what gives it that feel. Swooping down and taking out an enemy and then quickly grappling back to the roof tops. Hell you can even tight rope between buildings and drop down on your foes.

Great game though.

I3loggs241110d ago

I liked the grappling hook, the climbing was such a great thing to experience in the early assassins creed titles, but 9 installments later it can be pretty tedious. Please don't give them ideas though to give the next assassin a cape that allows them to glide lol... I just had an epiphany, maybe the league of assassins are Templars, and Bruce Wayne is the descendant of an assassin?...