Frontlines: Fuel of War - v1.2.0 Patch Coming Soon, Details

WorthPlaying writes: As society succumbs to a worldwide energy crisis, a new global depression takes hold. Amidst this desperate backdrop two superpower alliances emerge, join the Western Coalition or the Red Star Alliance. Kaos Studios is currently in the final stages of development of PC patch 1.2.0 and will start testing it shortly. Scheduled for Sept. it will include 2 new maps (Boneyard Map, Conquer Mode), server browser phase 2, Joystick support, PC leaderboards (Ranked & Unranked) and dedicated Server Tools.

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M337ING3741d ago

Did this game do that well on PC?

Gondee3741d ago

I dont know, at lanch there was a error and no one could play their game. So it might have sold well, but not well played

Dissidia3741d ago

wasn't this game terrible?

TheWickedOne3740d ago

I only played the PS3 demo of this and it sucked big time.