THQ's Leipzig Games Convention 2008 Lineup

WorthPlaying writes: THQ announced the games it will be showing at the Leipzig Games Convention.

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RAM MAGNUMS3806d ago

I'm very happy that microsoft is not gonna be there to waste
everybodies time with b.s.!
I one of the guys that want for the xbox to get dropped support
again. I don't care about a 1 console gen. To me there could be
only one!
M$ has embarrassed themselves. They have no direction & a identity
crisis. Right now nobody cares what m$ has to say cause they aint
got no back up to proove it. Xbox360 used to be "now" but today
they are "maybe later"
screw them they gave me the rrod early!
For that I yell for thier departure out of the business & back into
software. Macs are kicking microsoft a$$ too. Its over for m$. Over!