Pro Graphics: Seven Cards Compared

Tom's Harware Writes:

"Anyone who wants a professional graphics card for their workstation can usually get by paying less than $1,500 for a solid product. This is because AMD is really putting the pressure on pricing, which makes life difficult for Nvidia, but is great for customers.

Especially designed for CAD, DTP, and visual simulations, workstation graphics cards include optimizations for professional applications such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, ProEngineer and the like. Nvidia and AMD realize that this is less about the hardware and more about dedicated drivers-you can hardly tell the difference between the FireGLs and Quadro FX models and their gaming counterparts. The smaller number of cards manufactured and sold, plus the need for independent driver development, certification and extensive support, makes these products expensive, and this is then reflected in the form of significantly higher prices."

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