TGR's Rumor Killers: Microsoft's New Halo Studio

TGR - "Of course, the main problem with continuing the Halo franchise is that Bungie, the studio behind the series' success, is now an independent group and not interested in continuing to develop games in the Halo universe. That doesn't mean that Master Chief and friends will quietly fade away though, as Microsoft still holds the rights to all things Halo, and would like nothing more to keep the franchise running ad infinitum."

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toughNAME3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

I love Halo... (__________________________) that much

Deviant3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

original size of ur ....nvm
uve edited it bigger :O

cain1413741d ago

I wouldn't put it past MS to try to make their own version of bungie to make halo...

Relin3741d ago

I don't see why they wouldn't create an internal studio for the Halo franchise, there's too much money to be made by Madden-izing it.

thegamereviews3741d ago

Historically MS will try to buy first then create if they cannot. There is so much $ in that IP they would be crazy not to.

cain1413741d ago

Personally I would have never sold bungie back to bungie... But I'm assuming MS has some sort of plan...

I just love how bungie has been with matchmaking and such for Halo. They are great with keeping the community happy.

Relin3741d ago

It seems like they'd get more value for their money if they just created their own studio... unless they can find a good studio that's itching to sell. I'm sure they'd have no problems gathering a good group of developers together to get the factory running.

cain1413741d ago

Still seems wierd even thinking that Bungie might not make Halo...

dachiefsman3741d ago

if they "madden-ize" halo, I will stop purchasing halo.

silverchode3741d ago

halo 2009, halo 2010, halo 2011 and so on.

Relin3741d ago

And I would hope you're not the only one. I'm fairly understanding of how EA has handled Madden, but creative franchises like Halo don't deserve that kind of treatment. It's for that reason I'm peeved about the Call of Duty franchise... at least the developers have two years to make their game instead of just one.

dachiefsman3741d ago

good point. I stopped buying madden 5 years ago cause it was the same thing.

Call of Duty is bad. They should just let IW develop it cause the new one World at War looks like arse IMO.

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Grasty3741d ago

Ahh Microsoft, always trying to rip off other companies ....

JN4G233741d ago

I hope Brutal Legend sees release; I always enjoy playing games that do their best to deviate from the norm. It is a shame that creative ideas like that tend to go unfulfilled.

Relin3741d ago

I doubt it will fail to find a publisher... it's too high-profile at the moment for it to just peeter out.

aubradley3741d ago

I agree, hopefully it'll find its way out somehow, it just looks like such a great game, it would be a shame if it somehow slips through the cracks.

cain1413741d ago

Anytime a promising game doesn't pan out its disappointing...

Hopefully this one finds an outlet...

sajj3163741d ago

I also think its very likely that Microsoft is creating a new dev studio just for the Halo franchise. I mean why not? Its a franchise that can sell. Its possible for other dev studios to take existing IP and make it work (Metroid Prime, God of War).

cain1413741d ago

Bethesda and Fallout 3 are good examples...

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