Halo: Reach and Other Backwards Compatible Titles Just Received Performance Updates - Report

OnlySP: Over the past few weeks many users have had issues with backwards compatible titles on the Xbox One. Games like Halo Reach, Fable 2, Gears of War 3 and plenty more had performance hindering issues that pretty much left the games in an unplayable state. I tried Gears of War 3 for myself when I got the code and was immediately bogged down with a low framerate.

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chrish19901019d ago

Cracking stuff. Just need to get Red Dead on there and I'll be a happy chappy.

PockyKing1019d ago

I just want Red Dead 2...don't have time to go back and replay anything these days...:|

hiawa231018d ago

Well, Rockstar is not going to approve Red Dead for BC so if you want to play, you will have to play it on the 360 as intended.

Kavorklestein1018d ago (Edited 1018d ago )

Proof that Microsoft listens and cares about their gamer audience.

Even for games with which they have ALREADY made their monies, they cared enough to make BC more effective and rewarding for gamers who use it.
They could have EASILY said: "OH WELL, WHO CARES???"
and charged money to release each title at a
10 dollar+ price range-
BUT- they understand the importance of making BC a real and significant bonus for xbox gamers, and they did so for us... the consumer...For FREE!

Thank you Microsoft!

This is great news.

SirJoJo1018d ago

No need for the not so subtle digs at the competition but other then that I do agree.

mark_parch1018d ago

exactly, i had no doubt microsoft would fix this quickly. all i want know is a marketplace with all the 360 games to buy digitally

Majin-vegeta1018d ago

They only did it cuz they had no option.When theyrs loosing the sales war.If MS was selling tbe numbers Sony has theu wouldnt have given BC.

1018d ago
Kavorklestein1018d ago

Ha! Who really even cares WHY??
The truth of matter is, Now that they have established a great way to get feedback and suggestions from gamers, this means that Microsoft now has an even better foundation for the future.

I can only imagine that the Xbox feedback site will be used when it comes to gauging customer interest in their next console, and they will probably be able to make sure nobody is disappointed next time around because they have learned the hard way how important it is to keep the consumer, and gamers in mind when making a product that they intend to sell.

Kingdomcome2471015d ago

So you're for all intents and purposes saying that Sony isn't offering added value for their customers in the form of a much requested feature, instead opting to charge their userbase for games that they may have already paid for previously, simply because, "They are winning the sales race?" That makes it even worse.

kopko1018d ago

Good to see the performance is better, microsoft working really hard to win customers

1018d ago
ghostface91018d ago

great to see there not only giving us the option to play backwards compatible games but that they are taking even more time to make sure there running smooth Ever since phil has taken over its like night and day with the xbox team loving every second of it

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