Doom Release Date Leaked by Amazon France

Spotted by Twitter user MasterGamer24680, all versions of the game show the same release date and price.

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syotos771996d ago

Right? And I thought the new valkyria chronicles announcement was exciting. Doom news is like boner city.

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ScaReCrow901996d ago

Hope this reboot revitilizes the ip.
The shooter genre needs good shooters again.

Paytaa1996d ago

After playing the Alpha, I'm pleased to say that Doom is a perfect example of how to combine new and old FPS mechanics and make it work. Once the game is polished and everything is ironed out, it's going to be one of the best shooters this generation, at least in my opinion judging from what I've played.

bradleejones1996d ago

What are your thoughts in comparison to the new Wolfenstein? Would live something similar but with doom multiplayer. Never got into doom 3, but spent WAY too much time with original doom! An unhealthy amount of time!

Paytaa1996d ago

@bradleejones Sadly I haven't played The New Order yet but if you're looking for classic Doom (Doom pre-dating Doom 3) then Doom 4 is it. It's everything you love about the original albeit the speed is a little bit slower but I think that was a common complaint from the Alpha. It's nothing like Doom 3 which in my opinion is a good thing.

If there's a chance that classic FPS gameplay makes a resurgence, Doom 4 is a solid way to bring it back. Multiplayer was a blast and reminded me a lot of Quake 3 but obviously with the Doom aesthetic and weapons.

Like you, I played a lot of the original Doom and this seems to be a perfect way to reboot it for the modern era.

Derekvinyard131995d ago

Dude you need to play wolfenstien, you're can get it for cheap now

ScaReCrow901995d ago

The last good shooters I played mechanic wise for me have been halo and wolfenstein.

Hope this one impresses me even more.

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