5 Reasons Mafia 3 Restores All Faith in Gaming

Mafia 3 was announced with an amazing cinematic trailer back at Gamescom 2015. This game was rumored for quite a while and when it was revealed there was nearly nothing to be disappointed about. After wondering what 2K’s teased title was for so many years fans of the Mafia franchise were ecstatic to see that the game was finally making a return. Mafia 3 stand for more than just an amazing looking game because their title is showing gamers that the industry still has faith left in it.

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TheSuperior 2641d ago

I think the big note here is how so far it has not contributed to console wars. Its a game for every player and that's nice. Xbox One players don't get anything first and neither do PS4 players. With third party titles that's how it should be. No more of this Rise of the Tomb Raider/Street Fighter 5 crap. Its getting old already. I respect games that don't do that because so many of them now do even if its DLC like COD does. I own both systems and I think its getting out of hand.

crazychris41242641d ago

Maybe it was just the demo they showed but I dont like the number of explosions in the game. In the car chase demo, the enemy cars would easily explode after crashing. Thats fine for Just Cause 3 but not Mafia 3. The franchise is supposed to be down to Earth so instead just have the cars crash, thats it, no explosions.

Other than that the game looks great.

SquidBuck2640d ago

In another video the devs said they made the explosions bigger for the demo.

life282641d ago

I am not even going to click and read article because title is bullshit. I saw 25 minutes behind-close-doors and it´s just copy-paste of Godfather mixed with Mafia. Nothing new, or impressive

DonkeyDoner2641d ago

fetch-quest is the future of open-world gaming!!
thats the weakest point for me in mafia 2 hope they did something

Interinactive2641d ago

'True to the Franchise'


They shouldn't have opened the article with that, because it's where I immediately stopped reading it.

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