Eurogamer: The Godfather II Preview

Eurogamer writes: "Mafia dons are a funny bunch, spending their days in armchairs listening to other people's frantic begging. As jobs go, it's a bit like being Father Christmas, really, but a Father Christmas with fewer qualms about kneecapping. What mafia dons tend not to do is take orders. They don't get sent out on underwhelming missions, ducking bullets and hassling local tea boys. They have minions who do that for them.

That was the central problem with EA's first Godfather game: its focus on working your way through the ranks meant you had to be a minion rather than the man in charge, and while it was a perfectly acceptable open-world crime game, deep down, it failed to capture the lavish and oppressive atmosphere of the film (even with a handful of the original cast on hand)."

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