G4 The Feed Interview: Godfather II's Michael Perry

G4 The Feed writes: "The motto of Electronic Arts' upcoming open-world/RTS mashup The Godfather II is "Think Like A Don," so, in order to create the full-on Don experience, EA made us an offer we couldn't refuse: They set us up with a limo ride to a killer yacht that tooled around the San Francisco Bay while we sipped wine and talked gaming…all so we could bring you back the details on The Godfather II and the following interview with one of the games creative directors, Michael Perry.

Perry and I sat down over some hands of blackjack and mixed it up about The Godfather II's gameplay, unique RTS elements and visual style

Q: What did you do to translate the unique look of the Godfather films to the videogame world?

A: The films are set in the late 50s and early 60s, and when we looked at that era, we saw that the 60s is just a ripe, beautiful era for style. There were a lot of different styles that happened in the 60s. The early 60s have a really 50s type style, and the late 60s have obviously a hippy era and Vietnam era. But the style we decided to go with was the mid-60s, 64-66 London mod, Twiggy type style. Steve McQueen in the Great Escape. All these great films that have this really distinctive look. And we decided to merge that with the Godfather theme. So you look at some of the families in the game, like the Tony Risotto family. It's a family from the film, and we gave them a really traditional new York mobster look. He dresses in black, his mob wears white t-shirts, but then we created new families that bring in the 60s style. The Magano family we created for the game. And they have a very strong Italian/Sicilian style-really loud clothes a lot of paisley, a lot of very 60s looks. So for us to translate the godfather look and the 60s style into one game was a challenge for us, and we're really proud of how it turned out."

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