G4 The Feed Preview: 'Godfather II'

G4 The Feed writes: "Judging from the preview we saw earlier this week, The Godfather II is a hardcore, hard-driven over-the-shoulder action video game that takes place in gritty urban centers among the wiseguys and kingpins of the criminal world. Sound familiar? Makes sense given the source material of course, but EA's crime-drama-with-the-famous-name aims to set itself apart from the pack and expand the genre by adding some intriguing real-time-strategy and even RPG elements into the guns, crime and cars action genre.

Much of the source material, Francis Ford Coppola's incredible epic flicks of the 1970s, involves politicking and jockeying by various mafia families, so players take on the role of the head of the Corleone family, and through intimidation, sabotage and pure force, try to dominate the other three major mafia families. The game translates the mafia-warfare aspects of the films through The Don's View, a board-game like mode. Don's View allows for a strategic view of the map that gives you ideas of how to run your family. The Corleones are pitted against three other rival mobs, and each is given a different color and its rackets and guards are clearly marked. So you can notice that the Grabano family is a little lax in guarding their liquor distribution operations and get your boys together and blow up their warehouse. But remember to keep guards posted on your own holdings: These other families don't play and will take your crap fast if you show weakness."

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