Monster Hunter X starts 2016 on top in Japan

The best-selling game of 2015 in Japan is also its first No.1 of this year.

According to data from our friends over at Famitsu, Capcom’s Monster Hunter X takes the top spot, selling 149,587 units, 9,000 units ahead of second place, Monster Strike from Mixi.

Both of those titles are for the 3DS which was the best-selling hardware for the week. The New 3DS LL topped the console ranks with 82,675 units sold, ahead of the PlayStation Vita which shifted 77,926 consoles.

Geobros3121d ago

Hmm....Wii U drops under PS4 this week. Vita goes great though!

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3120d ago

because more People bought Wii U during December. Splatoon Bundle also sold out.

wonderfulmonkeyman3121d ago

Glad to see that the 3DS is doing well, and I'm happy that MHX is selling like hot cakes.

If only there was a Wii U version...

Apocalypze3120d ago

Didn't Capcom said they dislike remaining on one console for too long(psp 2 Titles) and they moved to 3ds which has more than 2 titles and now they not saying anything lol

FinalomegaS3120d ago

the money is too great.... (money talks and the bullshit is walking still)

R00bot3120d ago

3DS games are selling like hotcakes, that's all there is to it really.

Apocalypze3119d ago

Thats because of MH , if it landed on Vita then yeah you get what am saying.


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TheNamelessOne7d ago

That sucks for the seven people that actually use it.


You'll need to actually buy Fallout 4 to play the London mod as it won't work on Game Pass

Fallout: London will require you to own the game. Game Pass users, unlucky.

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