CES Sony Press Conference Live Stream 2016

Written by Alex Co:
"It’s the first Sony press conference of 2016! And while the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) isn’t as focused on video games as it was decades ago (it was the E3 before E3 was a thing), we’re still keeping our eyes open for anything related to PlayStation.

The actual CES Sony press conference live stream starts at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET, and we gather, will showcase the latest Sony TVs, phones, cameras and more. Will PlayStation VR make an appearance? I gather it might. But will PlayStation VR’s price point and release date be revealed? I doubt it will but who knows."


Admin note: About the 15m mark is when he finally starts talking about video games.

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Gaming4Life19811985d ago

They need to give full details on the Playstation vr, price, release date, launch games, specs, etc. I'll still get oculus rift first but if ps vr is priced right then I will get that too later on once I see full support from sony.

G20WLY1985d ago

I reckon they'll hold a separate event in the next month or so to share those sorts of details.

QuickdrawMcgraw1984d ago

If you are waiting to buy a PSVR at some future date....Why do they need to give full details to you today?

Retroman1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

@ Gaming4life

PS VR posted as 400-600

Aceman181985d ago

I'm hoping we don't get talk about game announcementso and this is all about new electronics being brought to market.

Let's keep the expectations in check.

Germany71985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Exactly, maybe we will have some details for PSVR.
Edit: Or not, lol.

1985d ago
G20WLY1985d ago

^ "If PSVR becomes the main point of their E3 2016 presentation then I hope those interested enjoy it."

Thank you, I intend to! :o)

mudakoshaka1985d ago

MAAAAAN Sony suck! Just talking about a bunch of crap about ''innovation'' , emotions and crap. My emotions are that you are a big company who just talks alot of crap to keep your ''consumers'' on their toes. Not a mention about PS VR...I thought they would say something. Anything. Even at the beginning of the stream of their CES show, they showed a picture with the VR on it. Thought this has to mean they will talk about it. Listened to all their crap for nothing! Up yours CEO of Sony, and take your innovations and shove em!

2pacalypsenow1985d ago

You most not watched all of CES, this isn't a Playstation even its a Sony event.

Kalebninja1985d ago

playstation is a large part of sony and they have new hardware releasing this year so it isnt odd to expect them to show psvr.

mudakoshaka1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

PSVR is supposed to be more than just gaming. It is an accessory for the PS4 by Sony. A perfect time to present something since they are showing the 2016 lineup. And they teased it. Why tease it if it is just a ''Sony'' event. Really disappointed. And I watched the entire Sony presentation. And appreciate the other gadgets, but need some VR man. Why the hold up? Oculus goes on pre-order later today (Europe) and not a word from Sony.

2pacalypsenow1985d ago

They have new stuff to show , PSVR has already been shown

mudakoshaka1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Sure! But during the intro...don't tease the VR. That's what pissed me off, me having to sit for an hour waiting for something that did not come. If I saw any indication that the VR would not be talked about, I would have known what to expect. But all gaming sites reported Sonys press conference, they teased it in the intro...but they disappointed me. Don't know why I got all those disagrees, for speaking the truth?

G20WLY1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

^mud, maybe some thought you're acting like a bit of a baby about it.

Notice how Kaleninja made a comment that mostly agrees with you, but he presented his view like an adult. He only has agrees, as I type this.

I'm eager for PSVR as well, but I can wait until they're ready. Oculus should announce their price imminently and that will trigger an information release from Sony - mark my words.

I'm hoping they hold a separate event and give us the full suite of info to date and what the immediate future holds for the platform.

mudakoshaka1984d ago

^ Perhaps I am man...was up until 2 a.m. European time, so that got me a bit frustrated. Could have turned of the stream if I knew nothing was coming about the VR. But that tease in the beginning made me stay up another hour. But we just have to wait I guess. Hate that the companies are waiting for each other to price it first so they can match or put an even better price. Thought Sony said they won't make profits of the PSVR when it gets released. So they should have a price already if that is the case. I think that is just marketing talk just to justify the price once it's presented...since my guess is that most people won't like the pricing.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1985d ago

Here go tell him what you thought about it, no one on N4G cares.

mudakoshaka1985d ago

I honestly don't have a twitter account...but don't think he would listen anyway :)

PrimeGrime1984d ago

Not sure if that was meant as a joke, but it says in capital letters "PARODY ACCOUNT"

PrimeGrime1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

@mudakoshaka You're better off trying to contact Shuhei Yoshida, he actuallys does respond to tweets every now and then.

His account is real.

He has said he usually checks them in the morning, so you might have to try and coordinate sending him a message in morning, of course you will have to go by Japans time if you want the best chance.

mudakoshaka1984d ago


Hahaha...I was honest man, no joke. Just that I really don't have twitter. But I did miss the parody account text...saw it now when you mentioned it :)

Oculus for 599$...anyone feeling it?

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Jayszen1985d ago

You seem angry about something that Sony never promised. CES is focused on consumer electronics not Playstation products. You probably listened to the hype by various sites over the last few days that there might be an announcement about the PSVR and convinced yourself that there will be news.

Sony is not in the wrong here, you are.

mudakoshaka1985d ago

I have to repeat myself...I started the stream and saw in the intro a tease of the PSVR. Any person with a sound mind would think that the PSVR is part of the presentation. I know that some sites have hyped it up, and I was open minded about that until the stream started and I saw the PSVR tease, and thought. ''Hey, the hype must have been real!'' So who is wrong here? Me for believing that they will talk about the PSVR since they showed it in the intro of their presentation? Or Sony who put the image of the PSVR inte the intro for no reason at all?

G20WLY1985d ago

^Mud, just a suggestion (I may well be wrong), but perhaps they showed it in the opening reel because it's available for attendees to try on the show floor?

Let's not forget that what you watched was a conference to address attendees, not a press release for the wider consumer.

I share your frustration, but we just gotta be patient!

mudakoshaka1985d ago

Most people on these message boards are brainwashed fanboys who are really freaking retarded! Just because you are a fan boy, does not mean everything Sony does is gold. They have taken a lot of crap decisions as well. And I say boy, because no fan girl in her right mind would be so retarded as most guys here.

Aceman181985d ago

You are clearly someone who should have kept their expectations in check lol. I knew we were getting nothing regarding PS news seeing as this is a consumer electronics show lol.

mudakoshaka1985d ago

You are right dude...I just can't help getting pissed! I thought they will launch this as a Sony product and market it easier to families and non-gamers, instead of just at a game expo where the only target is gamers. I just can't wait for it to come out and was hoping for something in Paris and then San Francisco, but we got shot down!

Pongwater1984d ago

"Don't know why I got all those disagrees"

"who is wrong here? Me for believing that they will talk about the PSVR since they showed it in the intro of their presentation? Or Sony who put the image of the PSVR inte the intro for no reason at all?"

"Most people on these message boards are brainwashed fanboys who are really freaking retarded!"

"You are right dude…"

Glad you realized you were being silly. Showing a photo of a game or feature has never meant it would be discussed during the press conference. It just means the game or feature is arriving in the relatively near future.

mudakoshaka1984d ago

THe Oculus is available for pre-order at 599$. A bit much...or what do you think? I know it's cheaper than a new Galaxy phone. But was expecting something around 400. If Sony can sell the VR for 299$...that would be AMAZING! Then you can get a PS4 and a VR for the price of a Oculus. Sure you need the controllers and stuff. But just the VR for's far fetched I know.

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Kalebninja1985d ago

They showed a picture of PSVR at the beginning and end of the keynote but, that's it.

Kiwi661985d ago

Well they do say a picture is worth a thousand words

jmac531985d ago

You would think Sony would want to take away the thunder of the Oculus and the Vive with an anouncement of price and release date. I think they are going to wait and try to undercut the competition. Will most likely see this at GDC or a standalone event.

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