Amazon reveals preorder bonus for the physical release of Gravity Rush Remastered

A preorder bonus has been added by Amazon for the upcoming Gravity Rush Remastered.

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KOIMOJO2583d ago

Ugh kinda lame, I got my hopes up. Thanks for saving me a click!

FullmetalRoyale2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

Yeah, well.. I'm sure it's better than nothing. Certainly won't get me to preorder.

I'm a big fan of trading money for a product, or service at the time I receive said product, or service. They aren't giving me a game ahead of receiving my money, so... 😐

Eidolon2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

Well if you're going to buy it day 1, and have the money now, why not? It comes down to how much you're going to end up saving or being rewarded(coupons, CC rewards, etc).

Eidolon2582d ago


Like I said, if you're going to buy it day one no matter what, might as well if you're going to get something else with it at no additional cost.

IamTylerDurden12582d ago

I loved Gravity Rush on Vita and i'm excited to play it on PS4 in 1080p with all the dlc (presumably) and on a DUALSHOCK 4. The free dynamic theme is a pleasant throw-in but i don't see how it's a "disappointment" if it's just a free extra anyway? It's cool that we get anything extra.

KOIMOJO2582d ago

I share your enthusiasm. I guess the super cool Kat statue available in other regions skewed my perspective a bit. Was hoping for some kind of physical preorder throw in when I saw the title. I would love some cool GR march. But like you said a free dynamic theme is better than nothing.

vanity292582d ago

It's the best kinda pre order dlc. People always moan about cut content and stuff, but themes aren't that. they are extra goodies. kinda like those maps you get from ordering wrpgs. It's even a dynamic theme!