Bago Rant – What Exactly Is A Remastered Game?

Brett Madigan from BagoGames writes: What is a remaster? If I were to ask you would you know exactly how to answer it? This is a question I’ve had to ask myself quite often, because the sole idea of remastering video games seems to have been lost somewhere along the way

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2pacalypsenow1015d ago

Technically all a Remaster has to do to be a remaster is make it in a higher resolution.

lockedongamer11015d ago (Edited 1015d ago )

But is that alone worth $30-80?

isarai1015d ago

People keep asking this dumb question when it would be very clear if they just looked up what a "master" actually was. Basically a remaster is where the same assets are recompiled to modern standards to create a new master, sometimes with a few minor tweaks.