Nintendo Wii? That'll be £315...

One UK Gaming Chain has begun charging £135 over the Recomended Retail Price for Nintendo's Wii in order to make profits from the lack of supply to meet huge demand for the console.

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MicroGamer5248d ago

They only just released in Europe. Nobody would be trading them in already.

eepiccolo5245d ago

They're probably comming from those really weird people that actually don't like the Wii. But anyway...

I'm guessing (wild guess) the only reason we haven't seen this for new consoles is that there's some sort of agreement that retailers have to make with Nintendo about the mark-up they will charge, and that they won't make it too high. But selling a pre-owned Wii has nothing to do with Nintendo, directly. So they can mark it up however much they want.

Odiah5245d ago

take it from a Londoner. They buy wiis for 250.

Capt CHAOS5244d ago

I bet the get new stock in, open up the cases and then re-sell them on as pre-owned for a massive markup.