EA Sports UFC 2 Gets March Release Date, Gameplay Trailer Revealed

EA Sports has revealed when fans can once again enter the Octagon, with the release of UFC 2’s official gameplay trailer.

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xer03117d ago

Everytime I see Rhondas' face, all I can think about is that time she got knocked out by Holly!

TheJacksonRGN3117d ago

Kinda funny how they captured that in the trailer. And Aldo getting knocked out.

PixelGateUk3117d ago

EA never seem to understand cuts don't just appear in a perfect like formation.

But anyway, the last UFC game was glorfied tech demo, this one better have more than two modes

Lennoxb633117d ago

I disagree. I actually liked the first one and think it had much more complex controls than a demo. If you know what you're doing of course.

PixelGateUk3117d ago

Genuinely laughed at the 'you just don't know how to play defence' being used when I'm talking about game modes. Use your head Lennox lad

ps5fanboy3117d ago

Love the first outing on ps4 just been on playing against my nephew , awesome game.

DEEBO3117d ago

Love UFC!
My friend corey hill lied to get on that show on spike lol
RIP man, springstead eagles for life brother.

I'm so good at ufc that i have do my pushups when i win now.
I do like 300 every other day.great workout!

I got to be top 100 in the 1st one,it's rare for me to lose a fight online.I'm not the best but i am one of the best.

Bruce lee is the only fighter i use.
The man that started it all

Be water my friend.

BQ323117d ago

There are definitely very good aspects of the first ea ufc game but also some design flaws that really hold it back, especially in the stand up. It's more important to understand how the games rewards striking then understanding the actual nuances of boxing/kickboxing. That along with some abilities being unrealistically op it can ruin the experience against an experienced exploiter or competitor. The stamina system is broken as it takes more stamina to block then to throw multiple punches in a row which worsened by the unresponsive weave system. The game deteriorates into picking the right striker watching your range then throwing long strung out combos as accurately as possible so your opponent is caught helpless. If counter punching techniques were more effective it would alleviate some of the problem but they are slow, get disrupted by the combo spam and takes more stamina then anything else. Managing stamina is the absolute most important thing to master as controlling yours and your opponents is the most effective way to win. At the higher levels it's more about understanding that and how to exploit it then it is about the sport which kills a lot of the fun. I don't have much faith with this studio. They always put out great initial showing but tweak it over time without accurately play testing it. The games are then left imbalanced and exploitable. I am of of the best all time fight night players so I know the products intimately.


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Unoriginalplayer2683d ago

Finding people that actually let a 1v1 play out in dominion is rare and understandable given the circumstances to win. I'll always try to be honorable in 2v2 unless the other team tries to 2v1 my teammate. When that happens honor is thrown out the window and scrubs get knocked off ledges! 👍