Celebrate The New Year With New Xbox One Bundles

Major Nelson:
During the holidays, we announced more bundles than we ever have before, delivering an unprecedented number of choices for every gamer. While the holidays are now behind us, we’re excited to ring in the New Year with even more value and choice for our fans to experience the greatest games lineup in Xbox history well into 2016. Today we’re announcing two new Xbox One bundles: the Xbox One Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Bundle and the Xbox One 500GB Name Your Game Bundle.

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Yi-Long1114d ago

A 1 TB XBO with 2 controllers, and Ori, Sunset Overdrive, and Forza Horizon 2 (or Forza 6) would probably convince me to buy one, cause those are the games I'm most interested in on playing on the XBO.

That said, I think for now I'll wait for what Nintendo will be announcing about their NX console, and might get that as my 2nd current-gen console instead.

sk8ofmnd1114d ago

Agreed, im waiting for a few other games to drop and prob pick an xb1 up next holiday season when it gets another pricedrop and a slim version. 250$ is the sweetspot for me. Currently ps4wiiu covers most my bases except games you can only get on ms's console. That being said currently im only interested in ori and halo 5 mp.

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Dlacy13g1114d ago

I have to say that 2nd bundle 500g with Forza Motorsport 6, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition or Rare Replay is a pretty great bundle @$349.

Chevalier1114d ago

That second bundle would be better if you got all those 4 games instead of choosing just one. It's not a bad deal otherwise.

Dlacy13g1114d ago

Ahh.... yeah didn't note that catch.

TL241114d ago

Damn, these are some nice bundles! I have a PS4 but would love to have a X1 as well, might just have to do it!

Kribwalker1114d ago

I was the opposite and just picked up a ps4 to sit next to my xbox when they were on sale for Boxing Day in Canada. $369 with ucc and God of war 3. Not a bad deal then

TL241105d ago

XBox One + PS4 = WIN

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