Worthplaying: Imperium Romanum II - New Screens

"Imperium Romanum was the first top ten title of Kalypso and we are very proud to have entered a longterm agreement with Haemimont Games. The studio is one of the most professional developers in Europe and we are sure to further the brand by releasing the sequel next year.", says Simon Hellwig, Managing Director of Kalypso Media GmbH.

"Imperium Romanum II" is a city-building game for PC. The player takes the role of a Roman patrician, a nobleman, who has just started his political career. His ultimate goal is to become the Governor of Rome.

Throughout the game the player can develop his game character by gaining favor with various historical figures such as Julius Caesar, Pompey and Octavian. The benefits provided by these relations are carried over not only for the rest of the campaign but also in free-build maps and multiplayer scenarios.

„Imperium Romanum II" features completely new graphics, new buildings and environments, a new and improved economic system, an improved battle system and a comprehensive multiplayer mode.

„With a lot of gameplay changes, new graphics and features Imperium 2 will even be more successful than it's prequel.", says Stefan Marcinek, Managing Director of Kalypso Media GmbH and adds „Imperium Romanum II will be the first of many top ten hits for us in 2009!".

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