Jay Petrequin's Top 10 Games of 2015

Jay Petrequin writes: "2015 was a fantastic year for games. Back in 2014, it was actually a little difficult to scrape together 10 new games that I could say I enjoyed enough to rank. This year, though, has been a very different story, as I found myself having to narrow things down from a list of 22 games. I’ve had a lot of great times with narratives and cool mechanics alike in 2015, so here are my favorites. Honestly, I would even say a bunch in the middle of this list are interchangeable. Also, just as a note: I personally choose not to put any re-releases or ports of older games on my list."

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dead_pixels1044d ago

Lots of quality in that list.

derkasan1044d ago

Undertale deserves to be #1 - great game.

I3loggs241043d ago

It makes me so happy not seeing Fallout 4, AC:Syndicate and Mgs5 on this list.

I loved TW3 and Life is strange, and i enjoyed the first ep of Tales from the borderlands (havent played the rest yet). Will have to try the other games listed as well.