Resident Evil 5 Hands-On - Bringing sexy back to the Zombie

Gameplayer has gone hands-on with the highly anticipated next release in the Resident Evil series and have detailed in their thoughts in this article. They are generally glowing, but also have some worries.

"You are also restricted to the two states of moving, or shooting, which further acts to give the grotesquely deformed freaks about the world time to swarm up on your arse as you frantically hunt for ammo and lash out with your blade. If such gameplay pissed you off in the previous generation then expect to feel like a pube on a toilet seat again."

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Silogon3809d ago

Bringing clunky, truck-like, gameplay back to the genre more like it. This whole game screams last gen with HD polish. Typical.

SlappingOysters3809d ago

I kind of agree with you there. The preview says a similar thing too. I thought the same thing about Devil May Cry 4

himdeel3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

...on this bandwagon, "...last gen with HD polish", well said +bubbles.

SlappingOysters3809d ago

Why the game has so much hype