My Aquarium - WiiWare World review

Let's make this clear right from the very start of this review - My Aquarium is not a game. Unlike Nintendo's deep sea diving title for the Wii, Endless Ocean, there is no adventuring or exploring of any sort - My Aquarium consists solely of watching and feeding fish. It is really an interactive screensaver in a sense.

For those who are too lazy or can't bear the cost of maintaining a real aquarium, this might be the next best thing for you. You can customise your own aquarium and then put some fish in it, after which you can take care of them every day just like in real life. You get the satisfaction of watching your pets grow as time passes. You can keep up to six tanks, so you don't have to worry about them messing around with your beloved fishies - just make a new aquarium for them.

Aside from decoration, such as rocks, plants and shells, you can select what the base of the aquarium looks like, the background of the aquarium, how bright or what colour the lighting is, what music plays in the background and obviously what fish will be in the tank. There are 35 songs to select by classical composers such as Bach and Beethoven, which suit the tone of the proceedings perfectly. You have a limited amount of space in your aquarium, each decoration and fish takes up a different amount of space, which you can see on a bar in the top-left of the screen. Obviously, bigger things will take up more space. If you would like to place multiple objects or fish in the water, you'll need to keep a careful eye on the bar to make sure you have space available. Don't worry though, you can remove or replace things if you don't like your choice. There is no concept of currency in My Aquarium, everything is free!

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