Sam Lake Gives a Small New Glimpse on Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break

Remedy Entertainment is giving the finishing touches to Quamtum Break, that will release on Xbox One on April 5th.

Gazondaily2711d ago

Yeah there's not much in there...

DarkOcelet2711d ago

Well, its better than nothing :)

d_g2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

agree and it looks damn good

hopefully we will see some new footage

2pacalypsenow2711d ago

I love his Max Payne background on his twitter lol

Vitaguy752711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Quantum break+uncharted4 = best ever April for me.
I remember buying my first x360 just for Allan wake.

Lon3wolf2711d ago

Yes luckily my Bday is at the end of March, I'll ask for cash :D

t-hall7852710d ago

Yeah no shit. Street fighter drops in feb but im gonna have to put it down to get through qb and uc4

Satyre282711d ago

My most anticipated. The game just looks absolutely glorious.

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