EA Buys Euphoria? (as seen in GTA IV and Force Unleashed)

Is it true? According to the inside word gameplayer got at E3, Electronic Arts may have already bought NaturalMotion, the developer behind the Euphoria Engine used in GTA IV and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

"Imagine if Activision, or Ubisoft, bought NaturalMotion and begun challenging everyone of EA's sport franchises on a year-to-year basis with the most realistic A.I and animations in gaming. That is too big a risk for a company in the process of rebuilding its reputation, and its bank balance."

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NO_PUDding3742d ago

Natural Motion said they were going to stay independant. So if EA has 'bought' them. It's ONLY the rights to use it's technology, and not the company itself.

If it was a takeover, there would have been soem news. No matter how small.

kevnb3742d ago

but 100 million dollars has been known to change people's minds.

SlappingOysters3742d ago

Then someone throws $100m on the table and those people start thinking about buying their own tropical island.

kevnb3742d ago

But if it were me, I would do the exact same thing.

TOSgamer3742d ago

Anyone that buys NaturalMotion is going to license Euphoria to any company that want to buy it. It's called business. So this is really not a issue for the end users, namely gamers.

SlappingOysters3742d ago

EA has gone and bought a whole bunch of middleware solutions and isn't sharing any of them
- see below link

titntin3742d ago

Well if this is true thats the end of 'Euphoria'.

you saw what happened to 'Renderware when the bought it? At the time they vought it it was the only middleware engine anyone planned on using, but they destroyed that and it dies - just like every company they ever buy!
If I sound bitter its because I was part of Bullfrog and had to watch them destroy it! :)

N4g_null3742d ago

WOW bullfrog that was painful man. I remember telling my friends beware of EA but they just wanted in to the game biz. It's been rough for them in the beginning. I hope you found a good company to go with. What type of work do you do any way? New developers are always forming and lots of jobs are not posted online these days. Well you know that!

titntin3741d ago

I was artist animator at bullfrog, worked ona lot of titles there, but hen EA squished all the IP's, took us to some huge horrible building in chertsey and had the teams disbursed amoung stpif football and sports titles. Real waste of a talented studio....

Still, that was 8 or more years ago now!

kevnb3742d ago

Im surprised ea doesn't release a console, they could be really dangerous.

Funky Town_TX3742d ago

That could come true in the future. I think EA is setting things up become a console maker. Just think if they partnered with Samsung or Toshiba that could be a hugh for in the gaming world.

N4g_null3742d ago

About as dangerous as the 3do right? no one in their right mind would develop for EA and even though EA has a lot of great companies with in their ranks they are not great to work with unless you are big or well known.

Funky Town_TX3742d ago

I don't know what dev want because I don't dev games. Hardcore gamers hate EA but I never heard bad things from devlopers. I'm sure there are dev that hate Sony and ones that hate M$.

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The story is too old to be commented.