NfS Undercover: First official screens

EA just announced officially Need for Speed Undercover starring action girl Maggie Q. PCGH has the first snags.

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ActionBastard5822d ago

Maggie Q is 18 levels of fine. The type of woman you look at and makes you feel ugly. I would pay her to beat my ass like she did Bruce Willis in Die Hard 4. I would pay for that. *sob* I'm pathetic.

Mr_Bun5822d ago

I thought that was the chick from Die Hard...she is SupaFine!

InMyOpinion5822d ago (Edited 5822d ago )

To me she looks like an anorexic 13-year old boy. I like women with feminine features, not stick figures.

Mr_Bun5822d ago

I like 'em fit...makes me feel...bigger! I am guessing that you weren't turned on by the "wii fit" girl either.

deeznuts5822d ago

Wii fit girl had no ass. anybody can get breast implants, but a real booty is something to be appreciated.

And no, butt implants don't count!

InMyOpinion5822d ago

There's a difference between fit and skinny. This one is just skin and bones.

Mr_Bun5822d ago

still makes me feel...bigger. Also I love the tight buns! I am not a "junk in the trunk" kinda guy. To each his own i guess.

On topic: I am looking forward to this, even though it is from EA.

ActionBastard5822d ago (Edited 5822d ago )

13yr old anorexic boy? Really? If 13yr old boys look like that, not only am I a pedophile, but I'm gay as sh1t to boot.

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Odiah5822d ago

She kinda looks like that chick from Heroes.

Yoma5822d ago

Need for speed = the street , not like pro street :(

Now I will be getting this since it's the street with cops :D

InMyOpinion5822d ago

Looks like more soulless framerate dipping generic EA crap is coming our way.

ape0075822d ago

looks amazing

hurry up ea

ape0075822d ago

the best nfs game ever imo was nfs:hot pursuit 2 for ps2

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Need for Speed: Carbon, Undercover, and More to Be Removed from Digital Storefronts

EA has announced that Need for Speed Carbon, Need for Speed Undercover, Need for Speed Shift, Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed, and Need for Speed The Run will be removed from digital storefronts beginning today, May 31.

Kombatologist1149d ago

From a preservation standpoint, this is the one thing I hate about digital games. And things will get much worse if game streaming becomes the norm.

darthv721149d ago

The games are already preserved. Hence their existence on the digital stores to begin with. This is no different than when Disney put movies in the vault, only to bring them back years later.

spwittbold1149d ago

Not true. Mass Effect re-release trilogy did not have some of the DLC content specifically because the contractor that played a major role in it's development did not preserve it, nor did Bioware.