Gran Turismo HD Concept Impressions

With this early look at GT5, Polyphony has managed to show how things are supposed to be done on the PS3. Visually, the game is far improved over the Tokyo Game Show build. That version had framerate problems, no lighting, and blurry crowds. Those problems have been taken care of here. The framerate is solid, the environment is fully lit, with environmental reflections on your car and actual shadows when entering the tunnel midway through the course, and the crowds actually move around. The game has also been spiced up with some nice effects, like an impressive glare as you emerge from the track's tunnel, and those waving flags that PS3 developers seem to love (see MotorStorm and Heavenly Sword).

One thing we've come to appreciate with the demo is how much detail Polyphony has been able to push out. In addition to just about the finest car models out there, the track is packed with detail, from dozens (or possibly hundreds!) of animated spectators, to thick patches of trees, and even fully realized mountains in the distance. In our new videos, in addition to racing and replays, we've included a clip focused exclusively on the background scenery of the tracks, so you can see for yourself why we're so impressed. This video consists of footage that loops in the background as you wait to begin a race.

PS3alltheway6183d ago

this games is freaking awsome the physic of the car is just right , the graphics it beats the MotoGP from 360 , enviroment is fully shape up like the crowd ,ppl are moving not like standing waving der hand.
for unfinish i rate this game 9. you know y? just play the game. just like bhai said solid framerate so on.

i had fun playing the drift rite now im in 35 rank thats my best so far. i just download ths game lst nite , about 1 hour of download its 626mb. i play the game about 1 hour then i wentto bed. oh wellenjoy the game i hear a lot ppl having problem with the download but 4 me just 1 hour its done.
here's a tips if you want to download big files i suggest u download at midnite.
much faster 626 mb takes about less than 1 hour

Monchichi0256177d ago

That this game won't be released till LATE 2007!!! By then it just might be to late for Lil ole' Sony!

SimmoUK6183d ago

This game is the best racer ever graphically imo and is causing a stir over at PS3forums with even the doubters now eating there words. If you think it isn't then there really is no hope for you. Graphically PS3 has put all the doubters to rest photorealistic cars and enviroments. Don't tell me Forza 2 looks better there's plenty of comparisons weve done to prove it isn't even close at the moment...

THAMMER16183d ago

I can tell you have never played Forza before. You could seem less bias too.


ChickeyCantor6181d ago

"the graphics it beats the MotoGP from 360"
WTF, always bashing and comparing.... damn people are sad on this website!

beans6180d ago

I guess it's just me because I don't see anything that blows me away to the degree you guys are taking it!