Gamefly Charts: Too Human on Top

For the week of August 15, 2008, Too Human takes the top spot on the cross-platform Gamefly Top Ten 'Most Queued' list. Following close behind is SoulCalibur IV (PS3/Xbox 360). Mario Super Sluggers is at the top of the Nintendo Wii Queue as well...

Queue up the complete Gamefly Top 10 most requested lists:

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TOSgamer3714d ago

I Plan to drop them as soon as my prepaid membership is up. Out of the 10+ games I've gotten from them not a single one had a release date in 2k8! My only choices are old stuff or nothing at all.

dachiefsman3714d ago

i like gamefly. There turn around time is top knotch. They are by far the best video game rental business out there.

deeznuts3714d ago

Gamefly doesn't suck, your skills do though.

Ok, return your game, but make sure your queue is empty except for the new game. Gamefly needs to receive this game at least one day (better two or three) before the release date. Since your queue is empty, except for the unreleased game, they don't ship anything out. Once the game is released, lo and behold brand new game is on it's way.

I've done this for over two years and have played every single new release I've wanted to.

TOSgamer3714d ago

Wow! you're so right. I suck, not them.... So I pay for a month. I return a game that takes 2-3 days to get to them 2-3 days before a new release then have them ship me a game that takes another 2 or 3 day to get back to me. 6-9 days of membership required to get a new release. Sounds like fun but why don't I just go to Blockbuster and rent the game for $8 or better yet join Blockbuster's game plan which also has unlimited store game rentals (2 at a time) for $21.95 a month. Go to said store on release day and pick up the new release? Which is exactly what I'm going to do when my prepaid membership at Gamefly expires.

RealityCheck3714d ago

I think given all the previews and after playing the demo that it is much safer to rent (hence at the top of gamefly) than to risk buying it.

dachiefsman3714d ago

fanboys can flame all they want, but gamers want this game!!!!!!

including myself.

PirateThom3714d ago

I'm a gamer, I don't want this game.

dachiefsman3714d ago


sorry pirate thom.

GiantEnemyCrab3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

Yeah PirateThom is a real 360 fan. I'm not a bit surprised you don't want this game or any 360 game. Don't be fooled by this guy.

PirateThom3714d ago

I never said I was a 360 fan, I said I was a gamer. Here's the list of games I have on pre-order:

Fallout 3
Fable 2
Valkyria Chronicles
Gears of War 2
Prince of Persia
Killzone 2

But if you want Too Human, by all means, go ahead. Obviously I don't want any 360 games.

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himdeel3714d ago

...this story, basically saying it's the most requested game to rent >_<

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