Sony vs Sony: HipHopGamer Shows why they hurt themselves more than the competition do

The top five things Sony needs to do in order to reclaim there leadership position in this generation of the Console Wars. Check it out

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PimpHandStrong3720d ago

1. More Marketing - PS2 had so much marketing that it was literally the face of the videogame industry, but right now that isn’t the case 360 is becoming the standard of the videogame industry here’s my examples. when you watch TV, car commercials, movies, there’s always a reference to xbox 360 whether it is mentioned or just shown on the TV screen now, PS2 had that same effect but with PS3 the only tv show it was ever on that I remeber was heros when they were playing heavenly sword other than that it’s non-existent.

KungFu Jesus says: PS2 was the face of gaming because of the games. The same will be said about the PS3 in three years

2. Mass Market Price- The longer they take for that to happen the longer it will take for them to dominate. We’ve seen sony outsell 360 at a higher price point since the ending of last year all the way to current. Once the prices are matched or become mass market with the features PS3 offer then and only then will the industry see Sony reclaim the lead.

KungFu Jesus says: You wont see a price cut now that Sony is sticking with the 80GB. Maybe the end of 2009

3. Meeting deadlines - False announcements always make a company lose credibility and Sony is at the top of the food chain when it comes to broken promises. Follow the footsteps of Qore they announced same week it came out. Life with PS3 where is it, Home where is it, More online features where is it. They have to step they game up before loyal fans start becoming 360’s loyal fans

KungFu Jesus says: With firmware 2.41 and HOME around the corner Sony has a online plan and is making a community....Lets not means PSN and PSN is looking better and better weekly. Sony just announced they have 10million signed PSN users. Deadlines in many forms of entertainment are pushed back and delayed! I dont care about delays just as long as the time spent was put to good use

4. Third Party Developers - Make them use the PS3 power to exploit 360’s disc space issues. Make more games that only PS3 can pull off successfully in order to show 360’s weakness as far as lack of hard drive and lack of disc space.

KungFu Jesus says: Sony cant make 3rd party devs do anything. It will be the devs themselfs that make it known! We have seen a few already...We have heard a few say storage is key and we all know blueray has that

5. Make Trophies Universal across all games - consumers will love that and spend more time on the PS3 than ever before

KungFu Jesus says: I will admit i plan on playing Uncharted again and trophies do add to replay. Give it time and it will happen...not many games in 2009 wont have the PS3 version of awards

in conclusion

KungFu Jesus says: Sony has proved why track record counts and why the have EARNED a fanbase! PPL that take the word of PR reps and then use it to say things like "4D" "3000 FPS" need to check dem selfs!

Keep up the hard work Gamer

TheDeadMetalhead3720d ago

There's some crosswords game show that comes on around noon. I'll watch it if I'm bored. Anyway, every now and then they'll mention the 360 and the logo will appear in the top left corner of the screen.

Although I don't quite understand why ms would advertise the 360 on a crosswords show in the middle of the day when everybody's at work, and the only people watching are either old people who've wasted the last 20 years of their life trying to figure out how you turn on an Atari, or bored people like me.

But yeah, the PS3 only has made like 2 commercials since launch. So I see your point. Bubble.

egm_hiphopgamer3720d ago

That was a incredible comment man i like the way you broke everything down 1luv and god bless from the hiphopgamer i gotta give you a shout out on one of my shows man stay tuned and keep on gaming peace

whoelse3720d ago

For the Wii and DS, there are so many adverts like the Wiifit and Guitar Hero but the last time I saw a PS3 advert was for MGS4 but there were not many of them.

Mind you, I haven't see many 360 adverts on TV, last being GTA IV.

Overr8ed3720d ago

i think Marketing is the most important one out of them all, once marketing is solid awareness of the Ps3 would be high, I can see them making R2 (resistance 2) a big marketing game.

UltimateIdiot9113720d ago

the word of the mouth. nothing beats that, so far I've convince a few friends to get a PS3 over 360. Once Socom hits, more people will get the PS3.

REALZILLA3720d ago

I agree, Sony needs to act As If...

They are the biggest dog in the yard
They are video gaming
They have a 10 inch ****!!!

My kids haven't played the Wii for month's
Bring it.

kevnb3720d ago

but everyone seems to be buying one.

deeznuts3720d ago

Just like nobody enjoys their mcdonalds meal right after eating it ... but everybody still eats there.

Same thing.

PimpHandStrong3720d ago

i see LBP getting more money for marketing. R2 is a hardcore shooter and even thou many ppl missed out on RFOM 1 because it was a launch game i dont think it will push hardware like a game like LBP can do

In a world where the Wii sets a tone for casual the PS3 and LBP might just be the thing to bring those same part time NOOBs into the PS3 family

CaptainHowdy3720d ago

advertising their games!!!!! i mean media blitz....i appreciate the madden psp commercials, but that's the only time i see psp the appearance of a new psp. Sony needs to be media whores

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