EA Bites another Huge Chunk out of Next-Gen

This gameplayer article examines the subtle way in which EA is looking to own the next-generation of gaming by acquiring all the best middleware solutions.

"So, you think Final Fantasy XIII coming to the Xbox 360 was the biggest surprise announcement of E3 2008? Well it wasn't small we'll admit, but perhaps a more powerful bombshell dropped towards the end of the EA press conference."

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Galvanise3743d ago

I've said for months that this is EA's tactic this generation. For the interest of gaming as a whole, EA needs to be stopped from buying up every worthy asset in the games Industry.

Gambit073743d ago

Sony's studios share code too, saves time & money.

xc7x3743d ago

and still not able to make a top notch game on their own lol

j/k [i think]

MastaGT3743d ago

Ea $ucks.
They'll never get the entire industry, someone will stop them...
..*sigh* hopefully soon, their gonna ruin games as we know it...pretty soon

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