20 Ways Windows 7 can win back XP Gamers

From gameplayer...

"Windows Vista. Yes, the OS that everyone loves to hate. Despite its enhanced security, improved CPU scheduler and excellent stability, it's still the flawed gem in many critics' eyes. But can Microsoft win back the XP crowd with its upcoming Windows 7 offering?

Perhaps if they considered the following 20 features they could heal the gaping gap left by the Vista vendetta."

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Sano643716d ago

I would love the idea of booting up in gaming mode. And a 64 bit only operating system is a no brainer!

sloth4urluv3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Yeah, I was confused on why they even offered a 32 bit version of vista. Who still has a 32bit processor, and why would they want to run vista on it?

fire233716d ago

Too bad they have already stated that it will have 32 and 64 bit for home use.

Silogon3716d ago

I love how the only complaints with Vista are from Gamers. ahhahahahahahaha Look, crotch heads, gaming isn't the only thing done on an Os, idiots!

Vista is perfectly functional and perfectly viable in the context of what a Computer OS should do. Just because "some" things needed work arounds or upgrades you all cried and cried and cried.

Wanna game? Buy a xbox 360 or a Ps3 and shut your mouths. Some of us who work on computers love vista.

El_Colombiano3716d ago

Quote: "and excellent stability"

What?! What version of Vista are these people running? Every computer I have ever used that had Vista installed was horrible. They always froze up on me, and crashed even! I hope Windows 7 is WAY...WAY better.

velaxun3716d ago

what piece of crap were you using? I've been running Vista Ultimate for over a year now with no problems what so ever....

sloth4urluv3716d ago

Early drivers for vista were the cause of most of the stability. Especially video drivers.

I recently installed a "evaluation" *looks around* copy on a second harddrive to test it out. Im running the 64 bit version and am plesently surprised with vista. Only annoyance was UAC, but after setting it to auto accept it hasnt been a problem.

Im keeping my xp drive in there just incase, but I already started migrating every thing over to make vista my primary OS, I have yet to run into any problems with compatibility either.

El_Colombiano3716d ago

I was using a piece of crap that goes by the name of Windows Vista. I doubt it was the hardware because one of the computers that Vista was running on (however badly) was recently..."upgraded" ; (if you can call it that) from XP. With XP it would never even hiccup. So yes, Vista does suck, that is unless you have about 3GB+ RAM which is going to start burning a hole in most peoples wallet. I had Vista before also. I decided it would be best to upgrade to XP.

kinggeoff3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Vista is a HUGE pile. Tries to tie your shoes for you. So many software incompatibilities and inconsistencies it is sickening.

to the above dude who is actually vouching for vista, glad you're liking it but 90% of vista users do not share your views

SkyGamer3716d ago

First off price? Give me a break. I bought 4gb ocz sli dual channel pc6400 ram for 65 bucks off of tiger direct. I have Vista x64 Ultimate running on a laptop, home and office and the two desktops I have cost me under a 1000 bucks with an acer 19" 2000:1 lcd monitor. True some software does not work on it but VERY FEW. If you know how to properly build a Vista rig and use compatability, it is pretty good. People complained about SO many security risks with XP and now MS fixes that problem and all you do is whine. Well hate to inform ya but with some things there are prices to pay. You cannot have a PERFECT anything so you are only fooling yourselves.

Vista X64 Ultimate
Asus m2n-sli
AMD X2 5600+
GeForce 9600gt
4gb ocz sli dual channel pc6400
250gb sata2
N+ Wireless pci
Apevia 600 watt psu
HP dvd writer w/lightscribe
cd/dvd drive
Multimedia reader
Sagitarrius Raidmax case
Blue neons
8x fans (4x 120mm)

AMD X2 5000+ Black Edition
MSI mb
Liteon DVD writer
GeForce 8600gt OC
2gb Corsair TwinX Dominator DDR2 pc6400
Vista X64 Ultimate
160gb sata2

HP Pavilion dv6000 series
AMD Turion X64 (1.6 ghz)
2gb pc2 533
320gb sata2
CRAPPY 6150 nvidia
Built in Microphone
DVD writer w/lightscribe
Media Remote
Vista X64 Ultimate

Bnet3433716d ago

I don't know but I had Windows Vista for over a year now and it runs smooth as butter and I game on it. You guys use crappy computers.

trancefreak3716d ago

vista especially since sp1 has been the most reliable os ive ever used since win 95. I never reformat because of os problems. I love vista works well for me

fezthabest3715d ago

get a better PC, my laptop(wish is a POS kinda) can run Vista(32:( ) perfectly with no hiccups i have almost the same specs as skyGamer

HP Pavilion dv6000 series
Intel Core duo (2.0Ghz) T2450
2gb RAM
Crappier integrated intel GMA 950
Built in duo Microphone
DVD writer w/lightscribe
Media Remote
Vista X32 Ultimate

I personally had no problems playing my games(not high demanding) on my laptop, especially ones that are from indie developers on Vista, and if i did i would put it in compatibility and would run. And anyways 3GB rams wouldn't cost that much, you can get 4Gb ones for PC for like 100-120bucks from tigerdirect. Hope you learn and atleast upgrade your PC a little better

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zapass3716d ago

mac OSX + PS3 is the winning team.
XP via bootcamp/vmware takes car of the few remaining PC legacies.
linux via vmware

bye bye windows, BSOD and all that crap!

El_Colombiano3716d ago

I'm impressed! Good on ya!

zapass3716d ago


the kinda pc that runs vista in a reasonable way is not much cheaper than a mac these days. but a mac is just a better machine and OSX has gotten leaner and meaner recently while windows has gotten obnoxious, fatter and slower.

there you have it: it's not even being cheap that has you stuck in mediocrity, it's good ol conformism, conservatism and ignorance.

it's kinda like what has a lot of US gamers stuck in xbotism xD

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