GWN Review: Final Fantasy IV

GWN reports:

''As the first Final Fantasy to contain a cohesive storyline, it's probably no surprise that Final Fantasy IV is the most remade entry in the franchise to date. Chances are if you're reading this you've played at least one version of this classic RPG in your lifetime, whether it was the dumbed-down-for-Westerners SNES edition (back when it was called Final Fantasy II) or the released-so-recently-you-still-haven't-beaten-it-yet Game Boy Advance port. Now here we are again and Square-Enix has once more re-released FFIV for the DS complete with similar 3D treatment to what Final Fantasy III received. But while the inclusion of new graphics, voice acting and a new Augment system are much-appreciated, is it enough to warrant forking over another 40 bucks to Square-Enix so soon?

The first notable addition to Final Fantasy IV we're going to discuss would be the most obvious: The graphics. FFIV clearly pushes the DS hardware to its limits, complete with a spiffy FMV intro and sporting even more detailed 3D character models and backgrounds than Final Fantasy III. Although I question Square-Enix's decision to stick with the super-deformed look in the context of FFIV's serious storyline, the overall result actually isn't that bad (save for paladin Cecil and adult Rydia).''

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