Xbox One Games of 2016 That You’ll Probably Never Play

2016 Xbox One games are huge this year. The company has a nearly all-star lineup with big hitting games like Gears of War 4, Crackdown 3 and the much anticipated Sea of Thieves. Fans are raving about the desire to try out Quantum Break and Fable Legends. With that being said there are a few titles coming out that look just as awesome but have far less hype trailing behind them.

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TheSuperior 2641d ago

Yeah just like Recore doesn't stick out to me. Seems like a PlayStation game for some reason.

Hoffmann2641d ago

"Seems like a PlayStation game for some reason."


DarkOcelet2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

I think he means that PS fans would appreciate that kind of game more.

But i disagree with him because there is a market for that kind of game on Xbox even if it is a small market.

At least MS is trying and i gotta give them props for that. That small market will grow much more when they keep releasing new IP's like those.

Erik73572641d ago

He meant that it appeals to to playstation more than xbox.

When I think fo xbox I think of halo,gears,crackdown, very shoot em up time of games

When I think of Sony I think of The last guardian,uncharted,god of war, very platform like games. Thats why it seems like a playstation game.

ITs why tomb raider sold like crap on xbox one.

Genuine-User2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

I'm perplexed as well. lol

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mozzie2640d ago


TR may have sold like crap on xbox but it played brilliantly! it's one hell of a game!

its_JEFF2640d ago

@mozzie that's what I'm hearing about the game. It's a shame more people didn't give it a go. I hope that it sell enough on PS, when it finally releases, to warrant another TR game! But who knows, maybe they've already made their money back with the timed exclusivity deal with MS.

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Free_Fro2641d ago

A new IP on XO must be too much for you to comprehend ^_^

The times aren't the same.. ;)

Erik73572641d ago Show
HaydenJameSmith2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

That was the timing, nothing to do with the platform. It released in a bad window surrounded by huge games, guess what same thing would have happened on PS4.

If your argument is that it would have sold better on PS4 cause it's got more units, well no s***... that's math but MS paid for publishing/development and exclusivity so that's how that works. Sony are doing the same with SFV.

Tomb Raider would have sold better on Nintendo than Xbox ? Now I know your just trolling.

Also guess what CoD has outsold every exclusive on both platform. FPS games are just extremely popular.

BattleAxe2640d ago

@ Fries

You should seriously get that cough looked at.

christocolus2641d ago

"Recore doesn't stick out to me. Seems like a PlayStation game for some reason."


HaydenJameSmith2641d ago

I know right ? What the hell. Why can't people just be happy that MS is investing in new IP's and exclusives... but no it has to be construed into some sort of negative.

candystop2640d ago

Or better yet what's wrong with them being happy with what they have instead of wanting everything on Xbox just with a Playstation logo on it. The same could be said for both sides but these guys seem to be extremely envious, jealous and full of hate. Both consoles have great games not just 1.

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PistolsAtDawn2640d ago

Maybe he's saying PS games don't stick out

GHOSTxx4202640d ago

Haters always gonna hate on the xbox one and its pointless because its a great console and i own both ps4 and xbox one

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OpieWinston2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

Lead Writer made the biggest Xbox IP of all time

The main hands behind it made multiple top rated Nintendo games. Metroid Prime and Mega Man.

It seems more like a Nintendo game then a Playstation game. But then again everything probably screams Playstation to you.

FYI: Limbo did extremely well on Xbox 360 so Inside is probably fine.

Thatguy-3102641d ago

I mean we don't know anything about the title so I don't see how it fits with what Playstation usually offers. Recore, sea of thieves and scale bound aren't going to be huge. The hype is non existent for those titles.

christocolus2641d ago

"Recore, sea of thieves and scale bound aren't going to be huge"

How do you know this exactly? Hype doesnt always guarantee a game's success. we have so many games this gen which were hyped and yet didnt do so well in the end and besides i see you always downplaying xbox exclusives. why?

Thatguy-3102641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

So tell me a game that wasn't hype that turned out to be successful? This article is talking about Xbox exclusives that most people won't bother playing. I'm just speaking base off the topic. For a title to do good people obviously have to know of it. I'm not even downplaying anything. I'm just saying that those games won't be popular when they come out. I literally said nothing about whether they'll be good or not. But I'll leave it at that and I'll stick by my comment. We'll wait it out and see if I was right or wrong once they release.

TFJWM2640d ago

@dboyc310 Until Dawn wasn't hype and it has been successful...

Bdub20002640d ago

"I'll stick by my comment"

A captain should go down with his ship.

ChuckTheIceMan2640d ago

I believe you're wrong. I'm pumped for all of these games. Maybe some people just like PlayStation games more? Bloodborne was the only Sony exclusive I didn't dislike.

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hidekelleco2640d ago

Hello there pony remember the order 1886?

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TXIDarkAvenger2641d ago

They haven't really shown anything for Recore...

badz1492640d ago gameplay video released so far which kinda make it hard to believe it's coming out this year. Let's just hope I'm wrong.

Saranya2640d ago

I can remember about Sunset Overdrive that doesn't show gameplay on E32013 but, we can played it on 2014.

Erik73572641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

All of them seem great, im not to worried though cause I know at-least half of them will be on my pc sometime down the road.

Kribwalker2640d ago

Same can be said for a lot of ps exclusives this ten. Anything third party developed appears to be on pc
Street fighter
And more, so far bloodbourne is the one that kinda stands out as a solid 3rd party exclusive game.

Try doing what i did, buy both systems, then you're never left out

NatFanBoyRestricted2639d ago

And your money in MS pocket. Buying it in PC won't kill the xbox

DigitalRaptor2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )


Tell me again, which one of these are Microsoft-published games.... Cause that's the only way they get money from your PC game purchases.

Kiwi662641d ago

Well good for you but it does stick out for some who have an xbox one

DragonDDark2641d ago

Is that supposed to be an insult to PS? lol

Genuine-User2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

What the fudge?

On topic:

I'll most definetly be playing Inside and Oxenfree come release. They're in my most anticipated Xbox list.

Although, judging by the number of disagrees for my most anticipated games on Xbox one, this particular opinion piece is a case in point.

mokkeyrg22641d ago

lol the front on this one.

XanderZane2640d ago

No it doesn't. "Below" and "Inside" are much anticipated games as well. The other games were just announced at last years E3. Not much is even know about those games. I'm actually more hyped for CupHead. There are a ton of games coming out for XB1 in 2016. Going to be a good year.

ChuckTheIceMan2640d ago

It's hard to describe but I know what you're feeling on this one. I feel the same way.

_-EDMIX-_2640d ago

lol, I don't know what that actually means.

Both publishers have made games that would actually make sense if put on the opposing platform.

BrianOBlivion2640d ago

WTF does that even mean? Clarify.

skratchy2640d ago

Come on, man. Don't play into the Xbot stereotype. We like more than Call of Duty and Halo!

showtimefolks2640d ago

xbox gamers have been weird(and i am not talking about he whole xbox fanbase, but it seems like a lot of people only buy the same 3 games every year)

JRPG's don't do well
Platformers don't do well

even halo 5 wasn't up to par as far as software is concerned. when xbox360 launched it had a small install base yet halo 3 did amazing numbers

tomb raider is another

sunset overdrive is an amazing game but why more didn't buy it is beyond me

why is it that same 3 to 4 games sell yearly(and now i am talking about everyone not just xbox gamers)

call of duty
assassin creed
a FPS from EA

these are the games that sell well yearly while so many other awesome games don't get the sales they deserve

gamers always say new IP's please but than the moment a new IP comes out they don't buy it but instead buy the yearly sequel of their favorite franchise

it's so hard to launch and establish a new IP. than we wonder why there are so many sequels

speak with your wallets

Vasto2640d ago


Halo 5 has sold over 1 million

Rise Of The Tomb Raider has sold over 1 million

Don't know about Sunset Overdrive but would love to see your source.

2pacalypsenow2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Selling 1 million for those 2 Big budget games is a small number, If a game like Bloodborne and Until Dawn (With virtually 0 Advertising) can sell close to 2 million then Halo 5 and TR should have sold quite alot more. And using an Xbox PR link doesn't really say anything I think Halo 5 is the first game I have seen where a company uses everything as a base of sales not just the game.

showtimefolks2639d ago


halo 5 should be 3-5 million not 1 plus million. halo is the biggest IT IP for MS. i said it before and research data back up my claim. halo 3 was the peak for the franchise and this 2nd trilogy will not match the sales of first trilogy

i feel like halo was a big deal with halo 5 launch came and went. Oart of the problem also was releasing it in late october

what if halo 5 came out mid september and had month of september and october to itself than the sales IMO would have been greater

MS repostdly paid $10 million dollars for tomb raider timed exclusive. Square enix aren't happy that's why they fired the head of crystal dynamic(crystal dynamic only wants to do xbox one exclusives, most of their game was handled by another studio when it came to porting for ps4 and pc)

so square is changing the culture and they realize how big of a mistake they made.

this is from square enix with reboot of tomb raider

So TR sells 3.4 million, good numbers right? Nope, still below sales targets and the Square CEO has stepped down.

so what makes anyone think selling one million is something square is happy about

also tomb raider has the biggest fanbase on ps consoles. how many gamers will pay full price for a year old game?

how many sales did square lose?

Insomnia_842640d ago

NOTHING on Xbox looks like a PlayStation game. Microsoft still has a long way to go.

2pacalypsenow2640d ago

I don't think Xbox will ever be as big a brand as Nintendo and Playstation.

migh_and_highty2640d ago

There's a lot of talk about recore but we haven't seen any gameplay yet heard any substantial details. Plus it's from the mn9 studio who's indie, recently formed and working on 3 titles at once.


Edito2640d ago

I know exactly what you mean and for some reason i felt the same when i first saw the game... i would love to see it on PS4, and don't tell me to buy a Xbox One because i just can't stand that controller not even the Elite...

Condemnedman2640d ago

Well buy the adapter that allows you to use any controller with xbox one and ps4 console. I think it's called chronosmax?

CartBlanche2640d ago

As I mentioned 2 days ago, Scalebound has now been pushed to a 2017 release date.
Will some other AAA game take its place?

Pixel_Enemy2640d ago

@TheSuperior.. You comment was filled with wrong so much so that I had to log in to down vote you and leave this comment.

3-4-52640d ago

How is one writer, going to tell millions of gamers what games they won't play.

How would this person even know ?

This arrogance is disgusting.

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Lennoxb632641d ago

I'm going to play Inside, Below, and We Happy Few. The other two I don't care for. He just named some of the biggest indie games coming out for the X1. Many people are anticipating them. Dumb article.

YinYangGaming2641d ago

Really interested in Oxenfree, been following that game for a while and glad it's finally coming out. But I don't think inside and below are off the radar, seen a lot of buzz surrounding those games

crazychris41242641d ago

Cities Skylines is a weird title for any console.

Major_Glitch2641d ago

Yeah. Building sims don't seem to do too well on consoles. Which is is a shame, IMO.

Jmanzare2641d ago

Those types of games are fun but better with a mouse and keyboard

Major_Glitch2640d ago

@Jmanzare While I agree with your point, I do honestly wonder if that's the only reason. More to the point, do the types of games we enjoy dictate the platforms on which we will prefer to play on?

2641d ago