Age of Conan DX10 Features And New Content at Games Convention

Behind the tall walls of the King's fortress press and gamers alike can play the game, meet and chat with the developers, collect amazing give-aways and observe live stage shows where Funcom will reveal and demonstrate brand new and never-before-seen locations, content and features that will be put into the recently launched massively multiplayer online game 'Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures' in the months ahead.

"We are very pleased with the tremendously successful launch that we had," says Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Funcom, Morten Larssen. "But this is where the real journey starts for 'Age of Conan'. In the months ahead we will be putting a lot of effort into expanding and improving on the game, and we look forward to using the Games Convention to unveil some of the locations, content and features we have in the pipeline."

During the live stage shows Funcom will present new locations, content and features coming to 'Age of Conan'. Blue Orb Inc. will also be present to demonstrate how you can use their software to play 'Age of Conan' with a gamepad, while the guys behind 'TripleHead2Go' have prepared a machine with a three screen setup so that gamers can come and play 'Age of Conan' in all its unprecedented visual glory using cutting-edge technology. Funcom will also be giving away exciting loot such as the legendary inflatable swords and free trial accounts together with limited edition DVDs containing the entire game. This is the first time Funcom hands out free trials and the supply is limited, so we encourage you to make your way to Conan's outpost as soon as possible!

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Baba19063741d ago

little too late for me. im waiting for warhammer now.

Lumbo3741d ago

What is the pull to not play the not existing endgame content with 3 screens or a gamepad? right, ZERO interest in that.

My subscription times out around end of GC, and i don't think i will waste cash again on lofty promises of "new added content in the month to come" that have been broken before. June 30 was the date for the big PVP update.. not happened till now. Keepraids ? broken, crafting ? broken, stuff to do at lvl 80? zero. Sorry Funcom, but i'll wait for Warhammer now, you had your chance, you blew it.