Shaun White Snowboarding - New Screenshots

Ubisoft published an amazing set of new Shaun White Snowboarding screens. Check them out.

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MaximusPrime4449d ago

wow im impressed. I would like to try that game out but i still want another SSX for PS3.

Ben10544449d ago

anyone remember that there were about 3 of them i think on ps1 and maybe ps2 cant remember

JBaby3434449d ago

I have been waiting for a next-gen snowboarding game. This is shaping up nicely and I'm looking forward to it.

Another SSX would be nice too.

InMyOpinion4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

I think Transworld Snowboarding still is the best game in the genre.

I haven't played any other snowboard game that captures the feel of it as good as that game.

TheExecutive4449d ago

Impressive. I am definitely going to gamefly this one, if its good its mine!

kinggeoff4449d ago

that this is snowboarding's version of Skate.

If they just try to replicate the experience of being on a peak with your friends, then I will be in heaven!

It looks as though they're going that way (some boarders out of their bindings, and pointing at locales or throwing snowballs, while others ride)

I just hope they go all the way. You ride with your buddies, and just...ride.

here's hopin

skullmcrex4449d ago

Just try and tell me SSX wasn't fun despite the unrealistic gameplay? It was the best sport franchise of the last generation! Simply amazing!