PS3 Network Crumbles Under GTHD Demo Weight

As promised, Sony has released the demo for Gran Turismo HD in today, Christmas Eve. The download was available midnight and the PlayStation Network is down for the count after the "rush" of people trying to download it.

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Puck5259d ago

Whoever posted this is as big a fanboy like anyone else on this site, and I'm not talking about the article for the PNP network going down I'm talking about their personal input.

original seed5259d ago

its 1:30am. Go play on your PNP network. Since its late and probably only ten (10) people playing online it just might be safe.

videl5259d ago

lol, what idiot wrote that? sony has the same specialists ms has you moron. of course if live has only crap ppl dont want this will never happen, although didnt it crash as they offered the hd videos ?

Captain Tuttle5259d ago

Only the video section crashed. You were still able to use the marketplace and play games.

bung tickler5259d ago (Edited 5259d ago )

umm M$ is a software company and an expert in in all aspects of pc data communications sony is a hardware company that knows next to nothing when compared to M$ in the same field... NO they do NOT have the same specialists, they do not even have the same server foundation M$ went out and spent two billion (yes billions not millions) building a server farm specifically for xbox live, sony probably has like 4 linux boxes linked up to a t3 and calls that thier server.

Puck5259d ago

I'm not a Ps3 owner and I've haven't bought a next-gen console because I've haven't made a decision yet. Anyways I'm perfectly mellow and I just hate Sony/Xbox fanboys because they just get on my nerves.

FadeToBlack5259d ago

I dont see how this is a very hard decision. Some companies use hype and smoke and mirrors and some companies deliver. You figure out which company currently has the best bang for your buck.

OutLaw5259d ago

This constant arguing is stupid already. I thought when the PS3 came out people would just calm down a little on this site. But I feel it just gets worse everyday. Like I said many times before I'm a gamer who is a gamefan not a loyalist to one company. What does anybody get out of just loving one system instead of all of them? If I told somebody how great Gears of War is why not just say "Wow that sounds great maybe one day I will get to try it" instead of saying that the 360 is last years gen not next gen or if the PS3 Resistants:Fall of Man is a top notch game why keep comparing it to GOW instead of saying "wow you're lucky to have a game like that". I know it may sound childish but arguing back and forth like we do on this site is even more childish.

Hey I love my 360 and as for the online service Sony may not be able to top it, but it doesn't matter because I purchased the systems to play the games, the online stuff is just extras to me.

So maybe one day we could be happy for each other and respect people's opinions here instead of the same old name calling we have been doing ever since this site opened up.

kingboy5259d ago

respect this dude for his the truest on this site ever

m235259d ago

That's not a good sign for Sony. Xbox Live didn't even go down when that Halo 3 trailer came out. I was expecting it to down during E3 but it didn't.

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