Gamespot's GOTY goes to........ Gears of War

Epic's Gears of War took home the 2006 award for Game of the Year.

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Marriot VP4318d ago

bad title...

but anyways did anyone not expect this

DC RID3R4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

but NOTHING "puts you in the zone like GEARS baby"!!!
what i notice also, is that a hell of a lot of u.s marines participate in the daily onslaught of "warzone".
happy holidays soldiers, i'll see you on live where we can get it crackin!

GEARS receiving the GOTY tag is a no-brainer!
THAMMER, CHARGER, ALAMO holla @ ur fukin BOY. i'm READY!!!

original seed4318d ago

and after beating the single player online has kicked it up a notch. Team work is a must.

T-Virus4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

give it a go, it really is an amazing game. Before anyone shouts at me, yes I will try the Wii, tomorrow (Xmas) and Resistance in March :(

Merry Christmas!

original seed4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

i hardly play it if any. Zelda was a huge letdown. The launch games all suck and were released for a quick buck. Wii sports is fun when you're playing with family or friends. but single player games really gets annoying when you have to shake the damn wiimote for everyother movement. I dont see myself buying too many games for it. Its ok though, since i do have a 360 and GOW.

power of Green 4318d ago

After the Hot fad-ish newness launch hype dust settles the Wii wont last two years, it's what i'v said from the begining and i feel a large part of the masses will feel as you do in no time.

original seed4318d ago

yeah, i totally agree with you. I dont see it really surviving to long but then again they might be already working on a new console. They might want to be the first out of the gate for the Next Console race. Unless they truly come out with some amazing games the wii wont last more than a few years--> you are correct.