The Most Underrated of 2015: Dungeon Travelers 2

The year 2015 is officially over and with that, game of the year awards from several publications have been posted and seen by many. Awards have been handed out for categories ranging from best soundtrack to the elusive game of the year. Unfortunately, awards like these sometimes tend to gloss over certain worthy releases and that's perfectly understandable. Even with multiple people working under a publication, it's impossible to have played every single game released in a given year. Naturally, some games will slip through the cracks(people also have different views). The game in question that has slipped through the cracks is Dungeon Travelers 2. No, this isn't the best game of the year nor should it be nominated with some of the gargantuan competition it had this year, but it does deserve recognition.

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FTLmaster1115d ago

Absolutey loved DT2 - one of my favourite Rpgs of 2015!

dark-kyon1115d ago

Too good for the western journalist.

Darkwatchman1115d ago

This may sound odd, but one of the reasons I'd aspire to be a video game journalist and work for a mainstream publication is to give games like this more attention. My taste in games is diverse. I'll enjoy anything that's good regardless of genre or cultural influences, but it always saddens me when a game like this doesn't get recognized. It easily has the quality to be nominated for best handheld game and best RPG of 2015, but these western journalists either haven't played it or have never heard of it.

If I ever got to work as a video game journalist for a mainstream publication, I'd love to use to audience reach I have to make video or articles giving more noteriety to niche games like these so they can sell more and be taken a little more seriously in the industry. Danny O' Dwyer on gamespot has his own little show called "The Point" and other people on other publications have their own themed shows where they talk about whatever they feel like talking about and making it into the industry and being capable of shedding more light on good niche games is something I'd love to do.

FTLmaster1115d ago

100% agree - I wrote a review of DT2 for Brash Games praising it to high heavens. I love giving notoriety/coverage to smaller lesser known games like this.

Check out my review if you get a chance...

Darkwatchman1115d ago

I just read it. It was good. I wish I could have done a full blown review of it if I got to finish it in a more timely manner, but I've played enough at 75 hours to make an article like I did just highlighting it as a game to look into.

FTLmaster1115d ago

Keep writing and keep contacting gaming publications(both small and big) for job openings/writing opportunities, you can do it! It's always fun writing about what your passionate about...

Thanks for checking out my review:]

FullmetalRoyale1115d ago

I've had the demo for this game on my vita for a while now. Such a huge gaming backlog that I am working through.

tulholdren1114d ago

One of the best jrpgs in 2015. Loved it death..