Gran Turismo HD Concept Hands On Video And Impressions

The single track looks extremely good and features some great lighting and some of the best looking spectators yet. I don't usually go for Time Trial that much, but with this being a demo and it having online rankings it's actually quite fun. After unlocking all the cars in the Time Trial section you can also go through a couple drift trials that are pretty fun as well. In all it's about 1-2 hours worth of content for a measley 635MB download. Oh yeah and it's free and up on all Playstation Stores.

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Antan5454d ago

Spectators do look superb, very individualised also. I fully expect the GT5 proper to be graphically far in advance of even this. PD have always improved as the dev process has gone on, quite a wait though. Forza 2 will certainly fill the gap so im good for driving sims till 2008.

likeaboss3025450d ago

Forza 2 will hold me over for now as well. However considering this demo is an early look at GT5 PS3 owners have a lot to look forward to. This was the first game I played on my PS3 I bought yesterday. I will say though Sony needs to work on their online service because it's really slow compared to LIVE.

videl5453d ago

gthd is awesome ! the ps3 is awesome !