Lite-On IT expected to ship 5 million Xbox 360 DVD-ROM drives in 3Q08

via SPOnG:

"Who needs HD-DVD or Blu-ray? Not Microsoft. The news is that Lite-On is apparently aiming to ship five million DVD drives for the Xbox 360 in the third quarter of this very year.

Digitimes reports that "Microsoft has asked Lite-On to get ready to meet possible increased orders for Xbox 360 DVD-ROM drives..."

So, does this put one more nail in the coffin containing 'news' of a Blu-ray add-on for the 360?"

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Dorfdad3771d ago

Yes is does put to rest that rumor, but it sparks the firestorm rmors about the Lite-On about to be hacked as well....

neela3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Guess they have plans not to have a shortage after the holiday season, like they had this year. Its strange how people learn form their mistakes :)

Edit: wrong reply, meant for Dakid.

mikeslemonade3770d ago

They will only sell about 6 million this year and 5 million next year. Microsoft knows they won't sell that many.

socomnick3771d ago

Thats good for potential new xbox 360 buyers. Lite on produces the quietest and most reliable of all the 360s dvd drives.

DaKid3771d ago

True, it also make me wonder if Microsoft has something planned that they need that many in 3Q08 or if they are just stocking up for the future.

socomnick3771d ago

Im pretty sure its for the price cut. And possibly for Japan they need to ship more tales bundles over there asap.

Fat Onion3770d ago

I agree...price cut.

$199 Arcade Version
$249 - $279 Premium

kevanio093771d ago

Please let this drive not sound like a small aircraft is taking off in my room, although i wont be playing many games from disk come the fall update ^_^

thenickel3771d ago

So when the fall update comes out there won't be a need for disks anymore?

kinggeoff3771d ago

install your game discs to your HDD. Still need the physical disc in the drive to prove you own it. But the data will be all HDD

thenickel3771d ago

Oh cool thanks for the reply. I seriously didn't know that lol.

Isaac3771d ago

Seems kind of reasonable. For the holiday season. Well, at least shipped numbers, sold will probably be around 23-24. Better to have more and be safe than be sorry and have people buy something else.

Overr8ed3770d ago

looks like that's millions of Dollars spend with no profit. =)

DiLeCtioN3771d ago

are they still forcing dvd on to consumers. most homes are thinking of buying new HDTVs and fresh Blu-ray players/movies.

projectile3771d ago

Forcing would be if there was a cheaper alternative...

Sitdown3771d ago

Do you really think most homes are thinking about not only adding hdtv to their home but bluray?.........especially with the current status of the US economy? Do not know if it was your intent, but I can see your comment being turned into a console war by others.

kinggeoff3771d ago

HDTVs are a LONG way from becoming mainstream still

SpaZaA3771d ago

Pretty much the only TVs you can buy now are HDTVs, consumer trends lead retailers on adoption rates, and apparently the majority of consumers have decided they no longer need tube TVs.

HDTVs are NOT a LONG way from becoming mainstream. With cable going digital in 2009 and Blu-ray adoption occurring faster than DVDs previously have. I'd say HDTVS are mainstream now, economic troubles or not.

Silellak3770d ago

Oh come on. Seriously? You expect Microsoft to put a Blu-Ray drive in the 360 almost halfway through its potential lifespan?

Do you need me to go into all the ways that's a bad idea for Microsoft?

How about just this one:

They need to keep the pricer lower than the PS3 to have any chance of holding off Sony in North America for 2 or 3 more years. Blu-Ray drives will NOT keep the price lower.

wallace10003770d ago

Oh yes, everyone buying an HDTV is going to go and spend $300+ on a blu-ray player too. Time to return from fantasy land to the real world.

Sitdown3770d ago

While I agree that with cable becoming digital will lead to more people buying is by no means a method in which people have to buy hdtv. The reality is, only those who use an antenna will really be effected, and even then they can purchase the converter boxes and be reimbursed by the government for two boxes.

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