It's Becoming Impossible to Buy Bayonetta 2 at Retail Stores

Much like Devil's Third, Bayonetta 2 has become another Wii U exclusive title that is becoming very rare to find at retail stores or online for its manufacturer’s suggested retail price. However, this time it isn’t due to stocking shortages, and instead because the title is going out of print.

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Majin-vegeta2823d ago

Yea right lol..I just checked wal mart and they have it in stock.

mikeslemonade2823d ago

Bayonetta 1 > 2 anyway. Nintendo ruined platinum games potential. Nice they are doing greater things with Scalebound, TMNT, and Nier 2. And hopefully Bayonetta 3 is on current gen hardware.

jcnba282823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

@mikeslemonade Lol Bayonetta 2 is better than the original in every way. It's faster the combat is smoother and the boss fights more epic. Just compare the reviews.

Bansai2823d ago

mike probably didn't even play 2, but already knows it's worse, I wonder if this has something to do with the platform it's on.

Anyway, last week I bought special edition (Bayo 1 and 2 in one package) so I don't think it's "impossible".

CaptainN2823d ago

Mike, that is so far from the truth.... Nintendo let them create Wonderful 101 which is a fun game...they allowed them to make the definitive version of Bayonetta 1 on Wii-U as well as Bayonetta 2 which is amazing....and now Nintendo is allowing them to make Starfox in collaboration with them....so no, get your facts straight.

zielocz3k2822d ago

Bayonetta 1 is far from Definitive on WiiU. It would be definitive on PS4, XB1 and PC. But Bayo its one of these games where you dont care about graphics, its all about gameplay, fun, story, characters etc

Anyway i played both and love both, pity only Nintendo cares about this franchise, i would love to see 2 and next parts on PS4. oh well, at least we have Nier 2

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sentury1112822d ago

Nintendo has the worst pricing! Seriously, pay over $50 for SSBU or Zelda remake or mostly any first/second party titles for the Wii U. It's absurd. Years later and titles get pulled, never a price drop to $40, then $30 to $20 eventually into the bargain bin.
Stupid plan if you ask me. I buy many games I wouldn't have considered for above $10 then after picking up dirt cheap found a new gem I subsequently bought the sequal much sooner, maybe even day one. They are hurting them with their stubborn attitude towards sales.

N4g_null2822d ago

Actually platinum games is letting themselves go. Some of their early games had the potential but they alway do something to the game to kill the hook.

It looks like their tech might actually be up to participate now going forward and their really won't be any excuse to use old lighting models when the nx comes.

I'm really hoping nintendo sticks to the idea of a system for everyone then a system for enthusiasts.

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DanielEndurance2823d ago

You're lucky then. Not in stock at Walmart.com & all the stores within a 50-mile radius of me are empty-handed as well. Be a pal & pick me up a copy. ;)

Nivekki2823d ago

What stores have stock Majin?

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Kyizen2822d ago

They ruined the series by making it a Wii U exclusive.

deafdani2822d ago

Are you talking about Nintendo? If it weren't for them, Bayonetta 2 wouldn't even exist, so there wouldn't even be a "series" to ruin in the first place.

And Bayo 2 is bloody fantastic.

IamTylerDurden12822d ago

I think Bayonetta 2 would've gotten picked up eventually even without Nintendo. Considering how hot Platinum Games is atm.

Jaces2822d ago

I was able to find a used copy in gamestop today, like new and has the first Bayonetta disc as well. Lucky me!!

Everywhere else I checked though was out of stock, might try to find one more unopened for collectors sake. :P

Christopher2822d ago

While not impossible, it is expensive.

N4g_null2822d ago

The wiiu is becoming a hardcore collectors item it seems. Remember all of those great Saturn and dreamcast games we had to buy after it was long gone? A similar thing is about to happen with the wiiu unless the wiiu games can be played off the nx setup, via emulation or hardware refactoring. They could easily shrink the wiiu and add it to the controller. The chip is huge.

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Germany72823d ago

That's awful, it's one of the best games this generation, also you get a copy of the first Bayonetta.

Lon3wolf2823d ago

Not every copy comes with the original.

Raf1k12823d ago

True, I bought a copy off the UK Nintendo store and it didn't come with the first game. Seems to be the collectors edition or something that it comes with.

Germany72823d ago

Didn't know about that, i bought the game on the first week, maybe the "Day 1" edition only included the first game then.

Lon3wolf2823d ago

Yeah there was the special day one edition that the 1st came with plus a standard double pack (still available in places in UK) plus the 2nd one by itself :)

Majin-vegeta2823d ago

Maybe i should buy a few and sell them for profit ;).

Rimeskeem2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

you are the worst kind of person (sort of jokingly)

neoandrew2823d ago

That who you call businessman son.

jb2272823d ago


It's according to the profit...a reasonable margin makes a decent "businessman", but there are plenty of Martin Shrekli's of the world willing to buy up all of the supply & increase the price 7,000%....those aren't "businessmen", they are just gutter trash.

VINNIEPAZ2823d ago

"That who you call businessman son"

Yeah like the guy that price increased those pills from like a few bucks to a few hundred.......awesome ppl

At least now this game is gonna get some better sales (which it deserves). This, Nintendo exclusives and Monster Hunter is why I bought a Wii U anyways.

Double_O_Revan2823d ago

Maybe not to far now it'll be the next Metroid Prime Trilogy.

Kamikaze1352823d ago

I see it on Gamestop.com for under $40