Future PS3 firmware updates we need PART II

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This is the second part in a continuing article about firmware updates we need. Be open minded on the list. Others may want the update, even if you didn't like it.

Being able to charge you controller whilst the system is in standby is a must. To many times have I gone to play and the light flashes. Is it possible? There is power going through the console, so it must be able to bypass through to the controller.

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MaximusPrime3742d ago

expecting malfuntioning xbots

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Only one thing i a button you can Press and it will Kill every xBot Lemming on this in one go!!! ;-D

+I can't Log on to this site via my PS3???to make a Comment???
Wonder why i can't for???
Can't be N4G Mod's don't want me to comment from my SEXY AS F**K PS3???can it???
Don't they like the PS3??? Are they ALL xBox 360 + M$ Fanboys??? ;-D

I just charge my PS3 DS3 controller via my Laptop!!! EASY!!!;)
(+while it's doing that i use my other DS3 pad to play) ;)

ZmokeR3742d ago

I dident read the first part, but here is my wishlist.
Its only a few things.

1. Flashplayer ( watch movies on game trailers )

2. And a REAL web browser ( firefox ) so you can use it correctly with a
mouse and K board.

3. Faster internet.

Mr_cheese3742d ago

Agreed on the nw internet. The current one is terrible.

Cenobia3742d ago

What I want is RSS video. Getting the totally rad show and Diggnation on my PS3 in high def would kick ass. I know I could stream it now, but there is a lot of hassle involved in that.

None of the items on the list are important to me. We don't even need half of them, like charging controllers in standby. You can just use your PC or buy a charging dock. I would prefer they didn't mess with the power output via a firmware update (if that is even possible).

joemayo763742d ago

Like i said wut is needed is multi-user log ins for the co-op trophies that SSDHD has, and the more there are certain to be in the future, that way when the trophy is unlocked both PSNs get the trophy like on LIVE, its a pain to help someone get a gold trophy than have to do it again on ur PSN name

vdesai3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

I would love a new internet but thats not gonna happen unless you invent it your self and its faster then the current internet. Anyhow if mozilla were to port the gecko engine then sony could get netfront to use it. Its just a matter of time before the flash player is upgraded but sony really needs too make it possible for users to upgrade.

When they said that sony needs too change the internet is where I stopped reading, lost all credibility there. I bet they published their story through the internet in the ps3.

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Bren863742d ago

Two crap lists now, give up. The site has completely overlooked the all inportant unified game invite/join feature.

Mr_cheese3742d ago

You do realise that is comig with HOME don't you? un needed comments, especially when your facts are not correct.

Bren863742d ago

what are you talking about. Facts? I'm just saying that the list from that site is crap and they didn't even mention about game invites, where I can just press the ps button go to a friend and send them a game invite to come join me or go to my friends list and click to join a friend online.

Far as I'm aware home offers party invites within home and you all go to a game together, haven't heard you can send out invites for people to come join you once your already in a game or to join someone when there already in a game.

Home has never interested me so its no good if invites are a home unfied feature, they need to make it all possible on the XMB also.

pp3742d ago

What it needs is a complete overhaul ps3 is crap and no firmware is going to change that .bring on the ps4 because xbox360 is still kicking ps3's ass

azmanmanz3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

PP is one of xbots idiot.. keep playing ur xbotshit till get rrod..

Shane Kim3742d ago

Zeodin and pp are the last bots left. Even Jason and PoG has abandoned ship.

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