Xbox Live Video Marketplace Impresses Hollywood

Variety, the legendary tinseltown magazine that covers all things entertainment, called the Xbox Live Video Marketplace one of the few successes in the direct download movie business. Though Apple iTunes is still seen as the leader, in terms of number of downloads, Microsoft's new service is being hailed as the first mainstream option to let users watch movies where they like watching them; on their TVs.

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sjappie5336d ago

bring it to Europe, NOW!!!

Boink5336d ago

we want it in canada eh!

MoonDust5336d ago


power of Green 5336d ago

I was sort of dissopionted in the billing of XBL Video Market place content; untill Comcast On Demand was doing the same thing with fee's and allowed time with the content, then i was like F*UK cool beans, now if MS can dump more content on XBL and add some odd ball game related content plus news in the industry live link type sh8t .

DEIx15x85336d ago

XBL Video Marketplace has a cool goof too. If you watch the preview for Episode 1 of Season 2 of Celebrity Death Match somebody messed up and it plays the entire episode from the start. (i watched it on Wednesday so it may be fixed) Anyone know of any other free bees?