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traumadisaster2530d ago

Oblivion is the clear stand out game for me in 2006, the xbox 360 really was THE place to experience that next gen open world game far cheaper than pc and not available on ps3 for another year.

You have to remember console owners hadn't played pc the elder scrolls in large numbers, maybe it was on og xbox? But that kind of open world game with lush environments was unreal for the time.

Exploring in awe was great memory I remember from 10 years ago.

nosferatuzodd2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

Well what is ten years to an immortal really
I remember 99 nights even though it was a Xbox game and lost odyssey boy what happened to those games

Null2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

Old? Lol. Didn't diamond and pearl come out in 2008-9? I could've sworn I played those I was 12 for the Nintendo DS. Same for The Lego Star Wars games on PS2/3.. Or I could have gotten them late.

I also do not understand articles like these. Why do people try to make other people feel old because they feel old?

FullmetalRoyale2530d ago

I've never had that complex, myself. I'm sure they do it in jest, but I do feel proud of my life, so my age isn't really a thing I care about too much.
For full disclosure; I'm twenty-seven.