Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Demo to Come Out This Month

The Demo for Star Wars the Force Unleashed will be on Xbox Live and PSN later this month. That's right, we'll all be playing this game in at least 16 days

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Torch3714d ago

I was hoping to get a demo to help determine whether my pre-order for this game was justified.

Mr_Bun3714d ago

I need to play the demo first too...still undecided.

REPLOID243714d ago

Euphoria engine? This game is on my short list of must buys.

Rhezin3714d ago

THIS game is gonna be thrilling. Ok people when the last time you played a GOOD star wars game. There have been a couple that do good with the light saber but fail in the force department. This will have BOTH plus euphoria engine and havok and all that graphic/physic goodness

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