Akuma Is Here To Whop Your Street Fighter IV Butt

via Kotaku:

"While we've known that the character was on the roster since earlier this year, Capcom has announced that from today Akuma has entered the Street Fighter IV arcade fray. The boss character is limited to popping up in the single player mode apparently when there's a "strong" arcade player. Sounds like he's here to kick ass and take coins.

Hit the jump for more pics."

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Swiftfox3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

And there was much rejoicing.

He's unplayable in the arcade version so it reads, but he should be playable in the home version. For the sake of Gouki fans, I hope he is.

White-Sharingan3744d ago


cr33ping_death3743d ago

why does Akuma want to "whop" my @ss?

zypher3743d ago

i can't access kotaku here at work. hopefully it says something about Akuma being in the console version as a playable character...

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The story is too old to be commented.