Just how big will iPhone gaming be?

ANALYSIS. This could have as big an effect on video gaming as the Wii did, maybe more. The sheer volume of iPhones being sold and the brilliant business model for developers make this one of the most exciting areas of the games industry.

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Pain3743d ago

iphone is the death of M$.

Mr_Kuwabara3743d ago

Why would you buy a phone to play games?

Children these days...

Karebear3743d ago

I have tons of apps but no games. I'd much rather surf the web and email than play solitaire or even Spore on my phone.

You really don't want to eat up your battery life with games either unless your going from a plug in in your car to a plug in at your office to a plug in at home :)

bozhangles3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

improved battery life is the only way this thing could takeoff as a viable alternative to say the ds or psp.

FantasyStar3743d ago

Unless they're willing to pull a Google and put aside millions of $$$ worth of assets for the ensuing lawsuits pending.

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