How Sonic Next-gen should look like

Image shows how next-gen Sonic can keep to its roots of having a 2-D environments but at the same time still seem to give off the 3-D effect.

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MaximusPrime3715d ago

not bad. i still think Sonic needs to be reworked. The rest looks great.

faisdotal3715d ago

Looks like Sonic Unleashed with shiner graphics and a DOV effect tbh. It actually looks like its UE3 powered.

Mike134nl3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

could be a xbla game, but wouldn't say that is how a next gen sonic game should look like

himdeel3715d ago

...a remake of sonic with a graphical style like the pic shows would be worth $9.99 for me as a older Sega fan.

Cenobia3714d ago

Sonic should have only ever been a side scroller. Every 3D Sonic has been a miserable failure. If they would just make the PSN/XBLA games that we want they could cut production costs and make a pretty large profit. I really don't see any reason that they keep making these stupid 3D games. Why do they do it? They must make a profit somehow, probably suckers, but they are killing the franchise.

They should just keep the hedgehog in two dimensions. An old school RPG (like the Mario ones) would be as far as I would go with it. Otherwise they should have kept it like it was originally.

PSWe603715d ago

this looks like a downloadable game for either PSN or LVE.
Perhaps that's something SEGA should think about.

ChampIDC3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

A cartoon that was so bad that it's good. Good times. Best thing was when Sonic talked about sexual harrassment, haha.

RufustheSage3714d ago

The only reason I love ChiliDogs to this day. . .now I want one ; ;

gumgum993714d ago

that is one really nice photo. Clould this be Green Hill zone in Next-Gen?

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