Special Edition Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia for Japan

True fans of the Castlevania series are more excited by the next Nintendo DS outing, Order of Ecclesia, than the upcoming Wii fighter Judgement. They'll also be looking to get their hands on the special edition release Konami has planned for the handheld title.

(Translated from Famitsu by Wired)

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GodsHand3715d ago

I would like to get my hands on that, but Im not going to import it.

Ozzyb3715d ago

a DS for this game. But I'm guessing it would be in Japanese, and I am stubborn and like to read the games I'm playing. If they had it here I would buy it for sure though. Castlevania is where it's at!

LossTheEarthbreaker3715d ago

There has never been a good 3d Castlevania for one, but this is basically a generic uninspired and rushed fighter cashing in on the name.

The DS game will undoubtedly rock pants.