Top Ten Sh*ttiest Games Of 2015

So it’s that time of the year again. The time to condense a year of bubbling sh*tclusters into a digestible list of ten thoroughbred sh*thorses.

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FlipSwitch1019d ago

Disappointed to see Arkham Knight on here. It doesn't belong on a list like this.

It's easily one of the best games of the year and tied for me with the Witcher. The series as a whole is one of the best in gaming and arkham knight brilliantly capped off a brilliant trilogy.

DarkOcelet1019d ago

Arkham Knight was one of the most disappointing games of the year.

All the boss fights are replaced for crap tank battle. Come On, they could have done better and lets not talk about the $hitty 50$ season pass.

FlipSwitch1019d ago (Edited 1019d ago )

I don't agree overall. The tank battles were a bit too much but it was a huge game and driving the batmobile never got old.

I think I must have completed it 6 times. Couldn't get enough of it. The whole thing had quality running through it

Kribwalker1019d ago

I agree dark ocelot, still haven't finished it once yet and I loved the first 2, didn't play origins as it came out right when the new consoles came out

Aeery1019d ago (Edited 1019d ago )

Come on ...

Ps Happy new year!

DarkOcelet1019d ago


Happy New Year :)

And Happy New Year to everyone at N4G, may you have a great year :)

OhMyGandhi1019d ago


Agreed. one hundred percent.
I bought the game and witnessed first hand the terribly port on PC, and once I got it up and running with a newer graphics card, it ran okay, for the most part.
But then I was left with the actual "gameplay" to become annoyed with.

No boss battles, a batmobile that controlled Tomb Raider on PS1, and tank battles that became instantly irritating and repetitive the 5th time you've played them.

beyond the batmobile, and those aforementioned battles, what else is there is to say? the campaign was instantly forgettable, and with the side missions were terrible, with one or two exceptions.
Riddler Trophies proved to be overwhelming in quantity, and the effort in getting each and every one amounted to nothing but busywork.

The game certainly doesn't deserve to be on the "top ten shi**est games" list. But one that describes one of the most disappointing sequels in recent memory. It did nothing for the franchise, and only made things work with the use of the batmobile.

And don't even get me started on the DLC, and the 30 minutes of play you get from each "episode"...

Happy New Year to all!

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Vegamyster1019d ago

Did you watch the video? He's referring to the PC version which absolutely deserves to be on this list.

Takwin1019d ago

The parts of the game that didn't use the Batmobile were very good and a solid 9/10. The parts that used the Batmobile were abominable and ruined the game *to me* and that part was maybe a 2/10.

The game was also a complete TRAVESTY AT LAUNCH ON PC, which has to be taken into consideration.

IMO, the game on PS4 was a 6/10 because of how awful the Batmobile was, but taking into consideration the PC, it is more like a 4 or 5.

Antifan1019d ago

The fact that you HAD to unlock and solve all those stupid Riddler puzzles just to see the true ending is what made AK one of the worst of 2015 for me. 150 freaking puzzles, plus $50 for cosmetic DLC packs and tedious challenges. Forgot that, brought it back to gamestop, and got half my money back.

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trickman8881019d ago

Lol Jimsterling. Dude is even worse than Angry Joe.

Featuring_Dante1019d ago

I dont get the craze over autistic people on the internet.
Stop making stupid people famous.

1019d ago
Dyldog691019d ago

Order 1886. Good play through. Good story great graphics. Average or below everywhere else

Dr_Angus1019d ago (Edited 1019d ago )

I enjoyed having the most diluted boss battles in Arkham Knight
pc version belongs on this list but the game itself is pretty bland.
and where is that screenshot in the actual game along with some other stuff they showed and told us about???

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